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Based on the SD40-2 locomotive, Freight is a fully interactive train featured on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is only available in a gray color.

Like the Brown Streak, Freight also has a set of delivery missions; both have to be completed in order for the player to achieve 100% game completion. Rockstar also added some realistic effects to the train, particularly the ability to derail it when the speed is too intense for the train to handle (above 47 MPH, like the Brown Streak).

The Freights are loaded off the Freight Train Station in El Corona north of Unity Station.

Except for the derailment issue, the train is indestructible. However, even when derailed, the individual segments of the train remain intact, and will not be destroyed, even if they land on their side or upside down. When picking up speed at over 60 MP/H, the train begins to rattle and a single turn can instantly derail the train, but when landing on the water, it will not sink, but float and bob instead. It can also plow through vehicles those who are unlucky enough to be caught right in its tracks. Strangely, the vehicles that are caught dead in its tracks will not explode, but instead will be pushed away.

There are no 1st/3rd person views when driving or travelling in the train, and the cinematic view mode is the only view available. However, some Trainers can offer different viewpoints.


There are also some special modifications available for this train. There are versions of the Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern and much more.