Cranberry Station

Cranberry Station in GTA San Andreas.

Cranberry Station is a railway station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Part of the Brown Streak Railroad, which services the entire state of San Andreas, Cranberry Station is San Fierro's only rail station, linking the city to Los Santos and Las Venturas. The station is located directly across the street from Carl Johnson's garage in Doherty, and is within San Fierro Rifa territory.

Cranberry Station's design is rather simple, featuring an accessible, furnished concourse connected to well-sheltered platforms (three in total) for four tracks. However, there is no underground or overhead pedestrian crossing between platforms, so players have to literally cross the tracks. The station is also a terminus for two lines which are not used by mainline Brown Streak or Freight trains, and has lines connected southwards to Easter Basin.

The station is equipped with a Sprunk vending machine at the front entrance of the station. A camera pickup is also available at the southwestern corner of the concourse, next to the ticket office. A snapshot can also be found on the grilled roof over the railway tracks.

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