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Babies Overnight website is a website that is accessible through the Internet in Grand Theft Auto IV. The website is a reference to the Pets Overnight website from Grand Theft Auto III, as both sites have similar names, premises and taglines. As advertised on the radio, Babies Overnight is a service that allows a customer to pick out the style of baby he/she wants (referencing that some naturally-born babies are ugly) and the baby will box-ship anywhere in Liberty City in a matter of hours. Also, if a customer is not satisfied with the baby they receive, they can order a new baby and simply dispose of the old one.

As a minor detail, the part where the countries from Africa are listed, the one called Pambia does not exist.

It should be noticed that online baby adoption is illegal in real life.


  • A woman on the FLEECA radio advertisement indirectly mentions when asked what she does with with FLEECA card.