Blow Up II

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Blow Up II
Game GTA Online
For Simeon Yetarian
Fail The Banshee is destroyed
The player/team runs out of team lives
Reward $3,000

Blow Up II is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the protagonist by Simeon Yetarian. The player must have reached rank twenty to unlock the mission, which can be played by one or two players.


The protagonist(s), working for Simeon Yetarian, heads to Downtown Vinewood and, after moving a yellow Banshee to safety, destroy several other vehicles on the parking lot. After evading the police they deliver the Banshee to Premium Deluxe Motorsport and leave after a brief encounter with Simeon.

Mission prompt

I am not a vindictive man. The work I do is practically charity. The only thing that angers me is when people try to stop me helping. Like this owner who takes me to court over a yellow Banshee. Please teach him a lesson, get it from his lot in Downtown Vinewood, and destroy all other the cars there. We must stand up to bullies.

Mid-mission text message

  • Simeon Yetarian: Remember and keep the yellow Banshee away from the carnage!


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos