CLEO 4 is a library hooking some exe functions and extending coding possibilities in GTA San Andreas.


СLEO 4 is distributed with an auto-installer. To install the library run the installer and follow its instructions.

CLEO 4 uses 3 files in work: vorbisFile.dll, vorbishooked.dll, cleo.asi.

CLEO 4 for San Andreas needs the BASS.dll v2.4 to be installed. This dll file can be downloaded from the official site of Un4seen Developments Ltd. To install BASS.dll just copy the bass.dll to the GTA San Andreas game folder.


Extra opcodes

CLEO 4 adds 100 useful opcodes for the file management, game memory handling, calling exe functions and much more. The third version adds such opcodes as a call of a SCM function, creating a thread or starting a mission from an external file and more. To use all these opcodes, get the latest version of Sanny Builder 3.


  • SCM Log
  • GXT Hook
  • HUME 2
  • MP3 Player
  • Quick Opcode

Custom scripts

CLEO 4 allows adding custom scripts (commonly with the file extension .cs) to the game written in Sanny Builder without need to start a new game. All you need is to write a script, place it in the CLEO folder and run the game (new or saved). This feature is recognized as one of the most important achievement in GTA SA modding.

Game Versions Compatibility

CLEO 4 only works with SA v1.0 and v1.01.

CLEO 4 doesn't work with v2.00 and higher. To get it working you need a downgrade patch (.exe of version 1.0 preferably).

It appears that CLEO doesn't work with certain versions of GTA San Andreas. It crashes the game at startup. To solve this problem, visit this topic and scroll down for the compact exe archive and password.

Known Bugs

All versions has a bug with MP3s. Using them could cause occasional crashes of the game.

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