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Spath.dat files are scripted path files used only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to script an object onto a path that is too much to just shove into the main.scm. These files are located in the maps/data folder in the Vice City directory. This file contains coordinates for the main.scm to use. By default, Vice City has only one scripted path file, the spath0.dat, which controls Cortez's yacht in the mission "All Hands On Deck!"

Scripted paths are replaced by the binary R3 file format in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and GTA IV.


The file starts with the number of coordinates that will be used in the file. The rest of the file are X, Y, and Z coordinates linked as a path in the game.

How 2.0

The scripted path file needs to be defined in the main.scm using opcode 049C in order for it to work. To attach an object onto the path, first define the object. Create the object using the opcode 029B. Attach the object onto the path using the opcode 049D. You can attach as many object as you want onto the same path. Lastly, set the speed of the object on the path using opcode 049E. To remove references to the scripted path file from the main.scm, use the opcode 04A1. The opcode 049F sets the distance you want the object to move on the path. In order to add more scripted path files, create a file named spath#, '#' being an integer in order after the last one.

Current Usage

Currently, the Liberty City and Myriad Islands modifications for Vice City uses this feature. In the Liberty City mod, this is used to move the train around the city. In Myriad Islands, it was briefly used in a user-made mission to move Cortez's yacht.

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