City Bank

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City Bank
Game GTA 2
Type of business Bank
Location(s) Flotsam, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Mission appearance(s) Bank Robbery!

This page is about a bank of GTA2. Not to be confused with CityBank of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

City Bank is a bank in Grand Theft Auto 2, located in Downtown District in Anywhere City. This is the main stage of the Bank Robbery! mission.


The bank is a huge building in the southern part of Flotsam. Its main entrance is located in the central part of the building and is normally guarded by two security guards. It also has another entrance that is surrounded by two fire escapes, indicating that this is the emergency exit. It has several bank logos around. Being the bank, most of the time you can see the police in their vehicles running around the place, so if Claude Speed ​​commits a crime in the area, the nearest police will come after them. The bank, like all sites in this game, is inaccessible.