Cop Land

Cop Land
Tommy Vercetti finding out from Lance Vance and Mike that Mike failed to blow up the Tarbrush Café store in the North Point Mall, which is now being investigated by the Vice City Police Department.
Tommy Vercetti finding out from Lance Vance and Mike that Mike failed to blow up the Tarbrush Café store in the North Point Mall, which is now being investigated by the Vice City Police Department.

Tommy Vercetti finding out from Lance Vance and Mike that Mike failed to blow up the Tarbrush Café store in the North Point Mall, which is now being investigated by the Vice City Police Department.
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target Tarbrush Café in North Point Mall
Location Starfish Island, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Lance Vance
Reward $10,000
Vercetti Estate generating up to $5,000 a day
Cap the Collector (after completing Hit the Courier and 5 other assets)
Cop (outfit)
Unlocked by Bar Brawl

Cop Land is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which the protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently in the Vercetti Estate in Starfish Island, Vice City.


Tommy returns to the Vercetti Estate to find Mike and Lance arguing with each other. Tommy fins out that Mike screwed up the wiring to blow up the Tarbrush Café at the North Point Mall, due to their refusal to pay protection money to the Vercetti Gang, and now the police are now all over the place. Lance yells at him for this and sees no way of fixing this problem. Lance wants to bail out but Tommy doesn't like this idea. He thinks about pretending to be a cop to get past the heavy police presence to detonate the bomb themselves. Over at Vice Point, Tommy and Lance lure two cops into a garage and beat them up and steal their uniforms. They suit up and head to the Tarbrush Cafe in North Point Mall. Tommy sets up the bomb and blow up the shop. This explosion causes Tommy to obtain a 5-star wanted level, and the FBI on his tail, but Tommy manages to evade them and heads back to his mansion with Lance.

Scrip t

Lance Vance: You moron! What were you thinking?! Do you realize what this means?! We could all be sunk!

Mike: The timer must have got screwed. That place was wired to go up like a firework factory. Then somebody tipped off the cops...

Tommy Vercetti: What's the problem, fellas?

Lance Vance: Mike was supposed to torch some place in the mall, but he screwed the fuses and now the cops are crawling all over it. We gotta get our stuff and get out of here!

Tommy Vercetti: Relax, both of you, let me think for a second! Tommy Vercetti just doesn't cut and run. The cops are gonna be going over that building with a fine toothed comb, right? But that takes time. We gotta go in and torch that place ourselves.

Mike: Yeah, but...

Lance Vance: No one but a cop could get within a mile of that place!

Tommy Vercetti: So we go as cops. We gotta get uniforms - and we're gonna need a squad car. All thanks to you Mike.

Mike: I'm sorry.

Lance Vance: I got it. What we got to do is lure the cops in with the finger, put them in a lock-up and jump 'em.

Tommy Vercetti: Good plan. Let's go!

Mike: Alright.

(Cutscene concludes)

Tommy Vercetti: Ok Lance, let's get the cops' attention!

(When Tommy gets a wanted level)

Lance Vance: Now that got them really irritated.

(Tommy and Lance trap two police officers in a garage in Vice Point)

Tommy Vercetti: Tie 'em up and gag 'em!

Lance Vance: Ooh. Fits perfectly!

Tommy Vercetti: Bit tight around the crotch though...

Lance Vance: Oh yeah yeah, mine too. Mine too.

(Tommy and Lance take a police car to the North Point Mall)

(When Tommy drives up to a police roadblock)

Lance Vance: Easy brother! No cop drives this bad!

(Tommy and Lance reach the North Point Mall, they get out and enter the mall)

Tommy Vercetti: Remember - smile at the other cops.

Lance Vance: Hey there officer. Nice badge, nice badge.

Tommy Vercetti: Real smooth, Lance.

(Tommy and Lance enter the Tarbrush Cafe to plant the bomb)

Tommy Vercetti: Ok, timers are set, 5 seconds and ticking.

Lance Vance: 5 seconds?!! We got to get the hell out of here!

Post mission phone call

Lance Vance: Tommy, it's me, Lance. Keep your mouth shut there Tommy, 'cause I ain't got time to talk. I ain't interested in what you got to say. Why should I be? You don't care about me, do you? You gotta look after me a bit better. Give me a fair slice, you know... Tommy ... oh, look, man, I'm sorry. It's just that... People patronize me all my life, treat me like a little kid. My brother would do that. Please, man, don't do that. I gotta go.


The reward for completing this mission is $10,000. The protection missions are now completed and the Vercetti Estate generates up to $5,000 a day. The Cop outfit is always available from the Washington Beach Police Station from this point onwards. The mission Cap the Collector is also unlocked, if the player has already completed Hit the Courier and 5 other assets.


  • This mission has the highest mission reward out of all the Vercetti Estate asset missions.
  • Sometimes, the player may experience a rare glitch where no police officers will spawn to chase the player, even if the player gains a wanted level.
  • The fact that Lance carries a Stubby Shotgun is a reference to Miami Vice where Philip Michael Thomas, who provides the voice for Lance, occasionally carries the same model shotgun.
  • No matter what clothes you are wearing when you trigger the mission, Tommy will always be wearing the Street Outfit when the mission starts.
  • Even though Tommy says you need a Police Car to get to the mall, the player can, instead, opt to take a civilian car with no penalty given.
  • Even though Mike leaves the Vercetti Estate with Tommy and Lance at the end of the opening cutscene, he is not seen within the mission.
    • This could be due to the fact that as the player would have to deal with two colleagues, mission failure due to the death of one colleague would also be easier.
  • The player is immune to Wanted Level changes between jumping the cops in the lock up and arriving at the North Point Mall.
  • Entering the mall without the Cop outfit on will automatically give the player a 5-star wanted level, and strangely, will not allow the player to set the explosives inside the café.
  • Regardless of how well the player drives their vehicle, upon reaching the police roadblock, Lance will still tell the player that "no cop drives this bad".
  • Even if the player is still inside the café after the 5 seconds are up, the explosives will go off but the player will unharmed reappear outside the café.
  • This mission is one of only two missions where soldiers will appear.
  • The police officers outside the North Point Mall entrances wield M4s, the only time in the game that they do so. Despite being police officers guarding the mall, they actually shoot at any other police officer trying to prevent the player's escape after blowing up the Tarbrush Cafe.
    • Also, attacking them or the soldiers at the café while under any wanted level will cause the police radio chatter to call out the same 10-codes as with the same crimes on normal civilians (e.g. on the PC and mobile versions, shooting them is a 10-19).


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