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DAT is the extension used for general data files for Grand Theft Auto. They are commonly plain text files (although there are binary ones) and many have different structures.

List of data files

Files that do not have a specific game are present in every game of GTA 3D series (GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas) and GTA HD series (GTA IV, GTA V).

Game File Description Notes
GTA III CAPS.DAT Stores information about the capabilities of the user video card. binary file
GTA IV FemalePlayerSettings.dat, MalePlayerSettings.dat Contains info necessary to render the multiplayer player
GTA Vice City spath*.dat Defines script path data for objects
GTA IV ambient.dat
GTA San Andreas animgrp.dat, animgrp1.dat Contains predefined animation sequences (By default different types of walking)
GTA San Andreas ar_stats.dat Present in GTA IV but unused?
GTA IV bloodFx.dat
carcols.dat Contains information about vehicle colors
GTA San Andreas cargrp.dat
GTA San Andreas GTA IV carmods.dat Defines vehicle tuning abilities and additional car components which can be attached to vehicles using the tuning garages.
GTA III CHASE*.DAT Controls all cars in the introduction sequence binary files located in the .\data\paths directory
GTA IV cj_gta.dat
GTA San Andreas clothes.dat Defines different rules for clothing. There are different commands to generate special behaving rules for different clothes the player is able to buy. Present in GTA IV and GTA V but unused.
GTA IV credits*.dat
GTA III GTA Vice City cullzone.dat Contains cullzones flags and coordinates binary file, unused in Vice City
GTA Vice City cullzoneempty.dat binary file, unused
default.dat General map listing file
GTA IV distantlights.dat binary file
GTA IV entityFx.dat
GTA IV explosionFx.dat
GTA III GTA Vice City fistfite.dat Contains information for melee attacks
GTA III GTA Vice City flight*.dat Defines path data for all airborne NPC aircraft
fonts.dat Contains information about the fonts used in the game The fonts are split up into sprites. Fonts themselves are located in the .\models\fonts.txd texture dictionary.
GTA IV frontend.dat
GTA San Andreas furnitur.dat This file is unused and can be left blank, but it must not be deleted since the game tries to parse it. It originally contains information about furniture which was planned to be used for automatically generating different furniture in interiors. However, this file and the interior models/collision files are not used by the game engine, and other required files are missing. Present in GTA IV but unused?
GTA San Andreas gridref.dat Defines responsibilities of certain map areas and their owners for Rockstar's internal bug tracking system called Bugstar. Leftover from San Andreas development stage, apparently not required by the game.
gta.dat General map listing file called gta3.dat for GTA 3 and gta-vc.dat for Vice City
GTA San Andreas gta_quick.dat
GTA IV handling.dat Contains the attributes of all vehicles in the game (handling.cfg from previous games)
GTA IV hud.dat Contains initial display settings for each HUD component
GTA IV hudcolor.dat Contains RGB colour values that the game uses
GTA IV loadingscreens*.dat Contains the animation of static loading screen images
GTA Vice City map*.dat located in the .\data\maps directory, unused
GTA IV materialFx.dat
GTA IV materials.dat
GTA San Andreas melee.dat Present in GTA IV but unused?
GTA IV meleeAnims.dat Specifies all anims available to the melee system
GTA IV moveblend.dat Contains some parameters for blended ped animation
GTA IV nav.dat This file is read in to initialise the "CPathServer" pathfinding class
GTA IV navprecalc.dat binary file
GTA IV networktest.dat
GTA San Andreas numplate.dat Present in GTA IV and GTA V but unused.
object.dat Defines additional object information for dynamic objects
ped.dat Contains information about pedtypes and their relationships
GTA IV pedProps.dat
pedgrp.dat Contains information about default spawned characters for each zone
GTA IV pedpersonality.dat
GTA IV pedpopulation.dat binary file
GTA III GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas pedstats.dat Specifies properties of characters
GTA San Andreas plants.dat
GTA San Andreas polydensity.dat
GTA San Andreas popcycle.dat
GTA San Andreas procobj.dat
GTA IV scenarios.dat
GTA San Andreas shopping.dat Describes additional shopping information for various features (like car modifications or clothes). It defines their price just as their influence on different statistics. All information of this file can be requested by the script where it gets processed.
GTA San Andreas statdisp.dat
GTA III GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas surface.dat Contains friction multipliers for all surfaces
GTA San Andreas surfaud.dat
GTA San Andreas surfinfo.dat
timecyc.dat Controls the weather and the game's appearance
GTA San Andreas timecycp.dat Controls the weather and the game's appearance
GTA III GTA San Andreas GTA IV tracks*.dat located in the .\data\paths directory
GTA III train.dat, train2.dat Stores fixed train camera nodes Present in Vice City but unused
GTA IV visualSettings.dat (IV) Stores initial values for configuration of in game elements
water.dat Controls sea level and water maps
GTA San Andreas water1.dat
GTA III GTA Vice City waterpro.dat
weapon.dat Controls weapon properties

See also

  • CFG, the extension for configuration files