De-Construction Yard!

De-Construction Yard! is one of the first missions given to Claude Speed by Sunbeam of the Hare Krishna in Grand Theft Auto 2. It can be activated from one of the green phones in The Vedic Temple of the Industrial District, Anywhere City.


Sunbeam wants Claude to cause havoc at a Construction Yard on Krishna holy ground.


Sunbeam: Grasshopper - it's Sunbeam. The Zaibatsu are building Shopping Malls on Holy Krishna land. Pay a visit to their Construction Yard and end the destruction.

(Claude srrives at the Construction Yard.)

Sunbeam: They locked the Construction Yard Gateway, Grasshopper, and now only Leo The Locksmith can open it. You should find him doing a job on the Water Towers.

(Claude meets Leo.)

Leo: I ain't helpin' no friend of Sunbeam. I'm busy!

Leo: Jesus, I can't seem to hit the Goddamn Generator!

Leo: I can cut you a deal if you destroy this filthy Generator!

(Claude destroys the Generator with Molotov Cocktails.)

Leo: Okay, shorty, show me the Gateway.

(Claude takes Leo to the Gateway.)

Leo: Stand back, shorty, while I open this Gateway.

(Leo opens the Gateway.)

Leo: See ya! Mind the Krishna don't turn your brain to mush.

Sunbeam: Get into the Construction Yard and kill the Zaibatsu Construction Manager.

(Claude goes to the centre of the Construction Yard.)

Zaibatsu: I shoot Krishna for sport! DIE! DIE! DIE!

Zaibatsu: Pray to this, Monk Boy!

(Claude moves to the same level as the Manager.)

Manager: It's a Krishna invasion! GUARDS! GUARDS!

(Claude kills the Manager.)

Sunbeam: We will chant for you, Grasshopper. Destroy a polluting Zaibatsu Truck.

Zaibatsu: Dance for me, Krishna!

Zaibatsu: Get outta here, baldy!

Zaibatsu: It doesn't look good for you, Krishna!

Zaibatsu: Spiritually heal THIS!

(Claude destroys the Truck.)

Sunbeam: You are helping the Krishna cause, Grasshopper.

Sunbeam:Well done, Grasshopper, you halted the construction! Your reward is $40,000. Join us in song - we have temples to build!


Mission completion rewards the player with $40,000.