Departure Time

Departure Time
Luis and Tony argue about Bulgarin.
Luis and Tony argue about Bulgarin.

Luis and Tony argue about Bulgarin.
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Gay Tony
Objective Destroy the Russians' Heroin, then execute Ray Bulgarin on his plane before it leaves Liberty City
Location Tony's apartment
Fail Bulgarin's plane takes off before Luis can board it
Reward $10,000
Unlocked by Party's Over

Departure Time is the final storyline mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It takes place after the final mission of GTA IV.


Luis and Tony set off to Funland in Hove Beach to take out Ray Bulgarin and save the Tony Prince Empire. Once arriving in Funland, Luis tells Tony to hide in Meadows Park and if he doesn't come back for Tony, he didn't make it.

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Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:10:00
Player Damage Damage attained by the player. 50%
Headshots Number of headshots needed by the player. 25
Accuracy Amount of accuracy needed by the player. 70%


  • Completing this mission also unlocks Yusuf's Buzzard, much like his car, to be collected from the Helipad on the West River in Algonquin - and as a result replaces the Swift (a parachute also now spawns nearby). Also the player can now call Henrique for an APC, call Armando for a Gold SMG and finally the ability to replay all the storyline missions is now available from the phone.
  • The 100% completion "reward" (the ability to purchase unlimited ammo) is also unlocked if all conditions are met before completing the mission. Needless to say, if one is playing for 100% completion, these tasks should be finished before triggering Departure Time (note: a 100% score on each mission is not required). It should be noted that, with no further missions to shore up Luis' bank account, the amount of money available to Luis going forward to buy ammo, food, etc is limited (unless one spends excessively, Luis should end the game with at least $500,000).


  • The song featured in the parachute scene after Ray's death and Luis' clever remark was No Security by Kelis ft. The Crookers, this song can also be heard on Electro-Choc.
  • Ray's clothes might be different depending if you play this mission a lot.
  • It is possible to kill the guy shooting at you on the runway, and his body will fly off the plane, but the cutscene of Luis shooting him still plays normally.
  • Strangely, Luis asks Tony to hide from Bulgarin not far from Bulgarin's house.
  • The Bati Custom used in this mission is scripted to never outrun Yusuf's Buzzard, meaning it will never get caught in Yusuf's rocket blasts, possibly to make this mission easier. It is also the only mission to obtain it.
  • Oddly, Luis didn't wear a parachute before entering the plane, And there wouldn't have been any time to take one inside the plane as by having an explosion inside the plane, there would have been no chances of Luis to survive. As everyone inside would have been sucked out.
  • The four-star wanted level attained upon entering the airport is scripted so that no police officers spawn in the airport. This is likely to not make the mission more difficult as normally the police officers doing drive-bys while the player is on a bike would make the mission impossibly difficult. In any event, no police pursue Luis on the tarmac.
  • This is one of the few missions in the game series where the protagonist has to invade a plane. The others are Stowaway and Freefall, both in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • In the post-mission, aside from text messages from Armando and Yusif notifying Luis of the new equipment available, Luis will also get a phone call from Mori Kibbutz and learns he's turned a new leaf and joined, appropriately enough, a kibbutz. Luis may also receive a text from one of his Booty Call girls, breaking up with him.
  • The Weazel News update says it has been a week since the clubs were closed, meaning, despite when Departure Time is triggered, it's still been a week since the events of Party's Over.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Basically, you need to go for the 3rd bin, to your left where you start, the 1st bin. Straight ahead where you start, the 2nd bin, in between bins 1 and 3 , and then the 4th bin, to your right where you start. Chase after Timur and kill him.
  • The amusement park is full of propane tanks, and enemies just love to stand by them- shoot the tanks to save bullets.
  • Many surrounding buildings are climbable- stand on them to quick kills to make the time limit, stocking up on sniper rifle ammo beforehand will assist you further.
  • Whilst chasing Bulgarin's jet, push the left stick (XBOX 360/PLAYSTATION 3 controller) or Right Shift (PC Keyboard) forward to increase speed.
  • As you're parachuting to the Monoglobe, hold the left stick (XBox 360/PLAYSTATION 3 controller) back or S Key (PC Keyboard) to save airtime and not have to find a car and follow the rules of the roads.
  • After destroying all bins, and Luis and Timur's conversation, quickly get out of cover and use any powerful weapon to kill him around the corner.
  • As soon as you board the plane and behind cover, save time by blind-firing, because you will pop out of the cover and it will remain unusable after a few seconds.