Gold SMG

The Gold SMG and its associated HUD icon

The Gold SMG is a submachine gun featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Appearing as a gold-plated IMI Uzi submachine gun, the Gold SMG has the same stopping power, accuracy and quite similar firing sound as the Micro Uzi, and is, basically, a stumpier replacement. However, the rate of fire is different, as it fires much faster than the Micro Uzi. It has a 30-round magazine, rather than the Micro Uzi's fifty round magazine. Also, the reload is somewhat longer. Because it is much bigger than the Micro-SMG, the gun is held with two hands, firing from the hip.

Yusuf Amir owns a Gold SMG and is occasionally seen walking around with it.


  • The Gold SMG is the default weapon when weapons are set to Automatic in The Ballad of Gay Tony's multiplayer.
  • Armando and Henrique will wield Gold SMGs during and after the 50th Drug War.
  • In Yusuf Amir's artwork, the Gold SMG is depicted as having a much smaller magazine then it does in the game.
  • After Luis obtains the Gold SMG from Yusuf's car, he will phone Luis. During the conversation, Yusuf claims that the gun is solid gold, but this would make the gun very heavy, and gold would be too soft for the internal workings of the gun.