A customer about to purchase an 'ice cream' from Tommy Vercetti.

A customer about to purchase an 'ice cream' from Tommy Vercetti.
Game GTA Vice City
For Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Target Sell at least 50 drugs disguised as ice cream to pedestrians on the streets.
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Destruction of the Mr. Whoopee
Leaving the Mr. Whoopee
Reward None.
Unlocks Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory (as an asset)
Unlocked by Purchasing the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

Distribution is an asset mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory.


Distribution is initiated by entering the parked Mr. Whoopee ice cream van at the entrance of the factory. The player may end the mission by simply exiting the van. The goal of the mission is to sell at least 50 drugs disguised as ice cream to pedestrians on the streets. This is achieved by driving and stopping the van at a crowded area while activating the ice cream jingle (by tapping the horn button or key). The jingle will attract certain surrounding pedestrians (marked by overhead arrows and yellow blips on the radar) to the van to perform transactions with the player. Each successful transaction awards the player $12. All "ice cream" sold will be listed under "'Ice Cream' Sold" and "Number of drug deals made" in the player's statistics.

Selling merchandise in Distribution carries several risks. Every four consecutive transactions will cumulatively add a wanted star to the player's wanted level, attracting police attention and requiring the player to occasionally lay low from crowded areas, pick up police bribes, or respray their vehicle at a spray shop. In addition, P.I.G guards and gang members not belonging to the Vercetti Gang will open fire at the player unprovoked when the player simply plays the ice cream jingle or deals in their territory.


(Instructions for the mission.)


There is no immediate monetary reward for completing the mission, except for the money earned while selling, but successful completion will unlock the factory as an asset which will generate $3,000 in daily revenue.


  • The player must have the ice cream van in a complete stop to attract customers; if the player's van moves fast enough just as a customer is running towards it, the customer cancels their interest towards the van.
  • If there are no more customers to serve or if the player stops in an area with no pedestrians, the player is advised by the game's tooltip to look elsewhere.
  • Like other side missions in the game, criminals may actually buy from the van rather than attempt to steal it.

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