Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Destruction of the Monoglobe.
Destruction of the Monoglobe.

Destruction of the Monoglobe.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Lester Leroc
Fail Fail the AOD initiation test.
Reward None
Unlocks Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Unlocked by By Myriads of Swords
10 bags of Ecstasy

Double Trouble is the name of a Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars mission given to the player by Lester Leroc and involves the destruction of the Monoglobe.


You should get an e-mail from Lester who says you need ten bags of Ecstacy. You can find good sellers at the south end of Broker. When you've got the goods, make your way to Lester's pad for the lowdown on the mission.


There's a motorcycle nearby that you need to hop on and ride over to the gang hideout by the given time. You don't need to be very fast, so take it easy in order to keep the bike in once piece. When you arrive at the hideout, you'll be told to ride in style and chase off the gang's rivals. To start, do a burnout and then peel ahead to launch off the ramp in the back alley. There are a couple of waypoints to hit directing you to the next.

You'll follow a number of waypoints before being lured into a back alley that's crowded with rival gangsters. Ride around and gun them down and then continue along the waypoints out the alley.

After hitting a few more waypoints you'll be given some red dots on your radar that represent rival gangsters riding around the city. You need to catch up with them and kill two of the three, leaving one to tell the tale. Catching up with them is not very easy they are pretty quick. You'll eventually catch up to them and then you can gun them down.

Finally, you'll get a notice to meet with Lester and he'll hook you up with some explosives. Grab the gear and get back on your bike to drive to the park (expect a ramp to jump off of). Walk to the base of the globe and plant the bomb. You have to complete a mini-game to arm it (instructions in-game). After a quick cut scene, which involves the Monoglobe crashing into a building and being permanently destroyed, the mission ends.


  • A while after this mission the building that the Monoglobe crashed into is seen being repaired.


(A meeting with Lester -without the ecstacy)

Huang: Lester?

Lester: Huang? So, you got the gear I need?

Huang: Not yet.

Lester: What the fuck, dude? Hsin said you were about as useful as a cunt on a nun.

Huang: Fuck you!

Lester: No offence, man. All I'm saying is, I need that shit if I'm gonna infiltrate that deadbeat gang. So, go get it, you know.

Huang: Have another burger, fat boy. It's on its way.

(A meeting with Lester)

Huang: Lester?

'Lester: Finally! I thought you were never gonna bring me that gear, Huang.

Huang: It's nice to have my credibility doubted by a walking coronary in a gimp costume.

Lester: Costume? These are my regular threads. Besides, I've got to blend in with the Angels of Death - and they're bikers.

Huang: Blend in how?

Lester By looking like an idiot having an early mid-life crisis.

Huang: In that case, you've nailed it.

Lester: ...Listen man, I'm trying to see if these fools are protecting your boss's rat. The stuff you brought me will get me through the door, but I can't ride for shit. You're going to have to pretend to be me and pass their initiation test.

Huang: We're virtually twins but I might just quickly need to gain a few pounds.

Lester: Relax, Adonis! If you wear my spare jacket and ride my bike, those methhead deadbeats will never know.

(Lester's Coup de Grace)

Lester: You're doing good, baby! But these explosives will bring the house down once and for all.

(Rendezvous with Lester)

Lester: With riding like that I'm in the gang for sure! Thanks, baby!