By Myriads of Swords

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By Myriads of Swords
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Hsin Jaoming
Reward $500
Unlocks A Shadow Of Doubt
Double Trouble
Unlocked by So Near, Yet Sonar
Slaying With Fire

By Myriads of Swords is a mission given to protagonist Huang Lee by Hsin Jaoming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It involves the beheading of two members of the Midtown Gangsters.


Hsin tells you to retrieve a sword from a dumpster. You have to find the gang leaders (each surrounded by armed body guards) and behead them. You must retrieve their IDs from their wallets as proof of their deaths for Hsin (you can also steal $200 from each while doing this). Hsin then emails you asking you to meet him beneath the Screamer. He accuses you of being the traitor, until Wu Lee saves you.

You are rewarded $500 and unlock the mission A Shadow Of Doubt upon mission completion.


(At Hsin's Residence)

Hsin: In searching for the Feds' rat. I have uncovered, amongst my so called people, many snakes, pigs, and dogs!

Huang: It's like a petting zoo of disrespect.

Hsin: Something like that. Our long time allies who have reneged on their traditional oaths must be disciplined accordingly like all those who displease me. Behead them, Huang. Make sure I am not displeased with you. Otherwise, I'll chop your head off and all, you little snot.


Huang: Hsin - I did what you asked - the traitors are dead.

Hsin: Yet still, the Fed's rat scurries amongst us, Huang. Interesting isn't it. This harassment started soon after you began working for us. Coincidence is a bitch. Admit your guilt, Huang!

Huang: What? No ...that's crazy! I just went medieval on some motherfuckers for you. Give me a break.

Hsin: A liar to the end! And this is the end for you!

Huang: Man - that's too cheesy - can't you give me another death line?

Kenny: Wait! Hsin, My nephew is innocent.

Hsin: Innocent? He's been ratting us out since he arrived. I bet he even organized Yu Jian's theft! That sword was to have been mine!

Kenny: He didn't steal the sword, Hsin.

Huang: I'll buy you a new fucking sword, old man.

Hsin: I wanted that one. He must be executed for his crimes.

Kenny: Wait! Huang will find the sword AND the real rat! Just give him time.

Hsin: Who are you to tell me what to do, Kenny? You've even got a stupid name. Guards!

Kenny: Please, Hsin! Huang is all I have left of my brother...

Hsin: ... ... ... Very well. But, failure to discover the Fed rat AND Yu Jian, before my patience runs out, will be a big fucking mistake, buddy.

Mission Replay description

"Hsin had me remove the heads of the Midtown Gangsters... literally!

And for my reward I nearly lost my own head.

It was only Uncle Kenny's intervention that saved me ...for now. ...I've GOT to find the FIB rat and Yu Jian if I'm going to get out of this alive."