MaryAnn Quinn

MaryAnn Quinn
Appearances GTA V
Full Name MaryAnn Quinn


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1974
Age Now 50
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Mother
Adam (ex-boyfriend)
Main Affiliations Jonathan Aubrey
Richard Trindall
Dr. Wetherbrook (therapist)
Michael De Santa
Voiced by Dawn McGee

MaryAnn Quinn is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Strangers and Freaks character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is voiced by Dawn McGee.

Character history

MaryAnn Quinn is, in 2013, a thirty-nine year old fitness fanatic and a senior vice president at an unknown company, where she uses her extremely critical and harsh manner to bully her co-workers. She attended therapy with Dr. Wetherbrook and, at three months away from being forty, begins to focus solely on her physical appearance with a BMI of 22. She appears to have a disliking for all men, as they do not live up to her high standards and believes she does not have time to have a family, although her parents attempt to set her up with one of their friends. She briefly stalks Jonathan Aubrey and breaks into his apartment on at least two occasions before meeting Adam on a blind date set up by her swimming coach. She initially rates him a 7/10 after their first date, but their second date ends badly as MaryAnn begins to find him annoying.

She arranges to meet him by the Vinewood Sign but, while training, meets Michael De Santa and loses a race to him, which she describes as being the most embarrassing moment of her life. She also meets Franklin Clinton and loses a triathlon, destroying her morale, before finally meeting Adam. She dumps him and loses a bike race against Trevor Philips, who had knocked out Adam and shown a keen interest in MaryAnn due to her aggressive personality. MaryAnn, however, dislikes Trevor and later describes him as a "homeless crackhead" in a Lifeinvader message to Michael De Santa, who she blames for her losses.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

Her own page
  • One day I'd like to compete against myself and win. Just one day!
  • Between my career and staying healthy, how would I ever find time for a family anyway?
  • Every guy in my department is such a wet blanket. So your boss is a woman? Get over it! Grow a dick!
  • Laid down some fat watts today! Serious core work! BMI = 22. How do you like me NOW!!!
  • Home made mascarpone ravioli, a crisp arugula salad with lemon dressing, a large glass of Barolo. Saturday night = Me Time. I love my life
  • Personal best on the step machine and my ass still looks a burst beach ball! AAAAAGHH!!!!
  • I've realized men are split into 4 categories 1) They hate their mother 2) The love their mother too much 3) They still live with their mother 4) They want me to be their mother
  • Having to really dig deep for those dopamines today.
  • For the last time... I don't play sport, I WORK OUT. Games are what little boys play.
  • My team at work are such morons. It's like managing a group of special needs kids.
  • 40 in 3 months. I'm totally fine with it.
  • Dear skanks who come to the gym dressed like they should be on roller skates serving daiquiris to Japanese businessmen in titty bars, FUCK YOU!
  • 2 hours of cardio and I HATE MYSELF! COME ON!!!
  • I swear if my assistant doesn't stop giving me that sympathetic look and "start wearing a bra", her days are numbered. I'll run you into the ground, you skinny bitch!
  • Tear fest at today's performance reviews. What a bunch of namby pambies
  • So my swimming coach is setting me up on a blind date. Expectations somewhere between low and horrendous...
  • The blind date with Adam went surprisingly well - he was generally tolerable, not married, not disgustingly fat, not super-rightwing and didn't scratch his balls in front of me. 7 out of 10.
  • Second date with Adam and he's already annoying me. Decide what you want you cowed little momma's boy!
  • I'm meeting up with Adam at Galileo Park near the Vinewood sign. I'm going to annihilate him on the bikes, see if I can locate a spine anywhere in that wimp!
  • My tapering strategy s completely fucked! I just got beaten in a run by a chubby guy who must have been at least in his mid-40s! I've never been so humiliated in my life!
  • I'm in the pits of an awful cardio slump. Triathlon training was a DISASTER! Some ringer posing as a weekender tore the last of my morale to shreds. I'm a broken woman.
  • Today couldn't have been any more shitty. First I have to dump Adam for being a dickless commitment-phone and then some complete freak of a human specimen smokes me in a downhill bike race! I'm so deconditioned! I hate myself! I'm going to die alone!
Michael De Santa's page
  • Don't get any ideas. The only reason I tracked you down was because I don't want you to think that winning that run was anything other than poor mismanagement of carbs on my part. Just so we're both clear that on any other day I would have annihilated you. Best, MaryAnn.
  • I just got beaten in a bike race by a homeless crackhead. Thanks. You've put some kind of creepy middle-aged man curse on me.