Deep Inside

Deep Inside
Game GTA V
For Devin Weston, via Molly Schultz
Target JB 700
Location Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Fail The JB 700 is destroyed
The passenger is not ejected
Unlocked by Eye in the Sky

Deep Inside is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Molly Schultz on behalf of Devin Weston from outside the Richards Majestic film studio in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton, having arrived at a small gate entrance to the Richards Majestic film studio, phones Molly Schultz who tells Franklin to sneak into the film studio and steal a car on the parking lot. Molly tells him that only the principal actors and stunt people are allowed near the car, which she knows as her boss Devin Weston is a part-owner of the studio. She tells him to either to 'play the part' after getting into wardrobe or 'try something else'. She tells Franklin to call her back after losing the studios security. Franklin climbs over the gate and locates the actor, who is angrily telling Tina that he wants a new salad as he is allergic to pineapple. Franklin waits for Tina to leave and then knocks the actor out, stealing his outfit after dragging his body into his trailer. Franklin goes to the set and gets into the car, driving away at speed as the studio personnel attempt to stop him. Franklin escapes the film studio and a female actress warns that they are not insured 'for this'. She starts pulling on the steering wheel as security begins to catch up to them.

After escaping the security, using some spike strips in the car, he informs the actress that he is only interested in the car. She tells Franklin she could buy the car with her morning earnings with Franklin suggesting that she is either over estimating her talent and under estimating the cost of the car. Franklin uses the ejector seat to get rid of the actress and phones Molly who tells him to take the car to Hayes Autos on Little Bighorn Ave in La Mesa where Devin Weston, who is marathon training, can meet them. She asks about the cars condition, wanting to modify the guns to take live ammunition, and if the spike strips and ejector seat need replacing. Franklin informs her they do. Molly also asks Franklin to keep an eye out for a suspicious person at the garage. Franklin drives the car to Hayes Autos and into the garage where he meets Devin.

The two discuss the theft, which Devin claims is technically legal as he is a major shareholder in the studio, when Lamar Davis enters the garage. Lamar tells Franklin that he had to use GPS to find him after being informed by Trevor Philips as to what he was doing. Devin introduces himself to Lamar and offers him a job in delivering the cars. Franklin tells Devin that he should pay him and get Lamar to steal any other cars so he can continue with his life. Devin senses the tension from Franklin at the possibility of Lamar becoming involved, correctly speculating that Lamar is the spirit and Franklin the brains of the pair. Franklin leaves telling Devin to call him when he needs to move the cars. Devin closes the garage door and begins to explain things to Lamar as the camera returns to Franklin outside the garage.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Not a Scratch Deliver the JB 700 with minimal damage.
Fastest Speed Reach the JB 700's top speed.
Stealthy Recasting Knock out the actor with a stealth attack.
Premature Ejector Use the ejector seat within ten seconds.
Second Strike Run over the actor as you escape.


In real life, the actual car from the James Bond film Goldfinger was also stolen. It was taken from the private collection of Florida real estate developer Anthony Pugliese in 1997, and remains missing as of 2006.[1]

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