Fort Staunton Opera House

The Liberty Opera Co. opera house prior to "Bringing Down the House" in GTA Liberty City Stories.
The demolished opera house after the mission.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, an unnamed opera house exists in Fort Staunton, in Staunton, Liberty City circa 1998. Located across Liberty City Community College in Liberty Campus, the opera house originally bears banners indicating that the building is occupied by the "Liberty Opera Co.".

During GTA Liberty City Stories' storyline, the building is a destination in "A Date With Death", when the player character chauffeurs Toshiko Kasen to an opera held in the building. The opera house is later demolished alongside the rest of Fort Staunton after the player sets off underground bombs beneath the district, after which the player can actually view the ruined interior of the building.

The remains of the building is implied to be cleared away by events in Grand Theft Auto III.