Fueling the Flames

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Fueling the Flames
Game GTA Online
For Trevor Phillips
Target Tanker
Location Blaine County
Fail The tanker is destroyed
Player or the team has run out of team lives

Fueling the Flames is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, given by Ron Jakowski to the GTA Online Protagonist for Trevor Phillips.


Ron Jakowski contacts the GTA Online Protagonist via text. Trevor wants the player to steal a tanker from the Lost Brotherhood. Trevor Phillips Industries owns the gas station by Ace Liqour, and they are always looking for an easy way to get free gas.

Trevor may also want the fuel to feed his own addiction to huffing gas.

The player arrives in Harmony, Blaine County and after slaughtering many Lost MC members, the GTA Online Protagonist steals the tanker of fuel and brings it to the Sandy Shores gas station.

Video walkthrough

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