Ron Jakowski

Ronald Jakowski
Appearances GTA V
GTA Online
Full Name Ronald Jakowski
Aliases "Nervous" Ron


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips
Wade Hebert
Cletus Ewing
Ashley Butler
Protagonist (GTA Online)
Businesses Accounting (former)
Radio show host
Trevor Philips Enterprises (CEO)
Voiced by David Mogentale

For the mission in GTA V, see Nervous Ron. For the petroleum company, see RON.

Ronald "Nervous Ron" Jakowski is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V and a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is voiced by David Mogentale.

Character history

Ron Jakowski is, in 2013, a friend and next door neighbour of Trevor Philips living in a trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County and hosts a segment on the community hour of Blaine County Talk Radio. He had been happily married and worked as an accountant until he took Trevor's advice to divorce his wife and leave his job. The terms of the divorce leave him with a large settlement to pay, which he struggles to do as Trevor frequently takes Ron's portion of their criminal activities. He then begins to believe in various conspiracy theories, which he shares on his radio show but describes himself as "cautious" rather than nervous or paranoid. He continues to help Trevor with his criminal activities, most likely because he fears him, and later began working with Wade Hebert, who Trevor had also given advice to. He keeps files on his various conspiracy theories inside his trailer, including one on Merryweather Security Consulting.

In 2013 he asks the protagonist of GTA Online to steal a Lost MC van so that Trevor can have sex with Ashley Butler to cause a conflict with Johnny Klebitz. He then asks him, for Trevor, to steal a tanker full of gas from The Lost as Trevor runs the gas station at Liquor Ace and is always looking for free deliveries. He and Wade later watch as Trevor starts the war with both The Lost, and then Aztecas, resulting in Ron planting explosives on a fuel tanker before stealing an aeroplane and, with Trevor flying another plane, drop off their newly acquired cargo off the coast for Trevor's associate to collect. Shortly afterwards he makes contact with the local Triad leader Wei Cheng about supplying him with drugs manufactured at Trevor's lab. Trevor meets Wei's son Tao and his translator, but the deal is called off with the Triads agreeing to a deal with the O'Neil Brothers.

When Trevor leaves to find Michael De Santa, he leaves Ron in charge of Trevor Philips Enterprises. Ron attempts to run the various criminal activities but is unsuccessful. He briefly helps Trevor plan his heist to steal military technology. Trevor and Michael are later forced into hiding, he is reunited with an angry Trevor and informs him of a Merryweather shipment which they then steal and then tells Michael to mention that 'the monthly train is coming through', with Michael and Trevor then stealing part of the cargo. He continues to run Trevor Philips Enterprises while Trevor is involved in criminal activity in Los Santos.

If the player chooses to kill Trevor he sends an e-mail to Michael and Franklin Clinton cursing the two for killing Trevor. If the player chooses one of the two other endings, Ron e-mails Trevor and gives him a Hot Rod Blazer.

Mission appearances

GTA Online
Rank 13

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • People are fools to post anything on here. It's all wired straight to the government!
Trevor Philips' page
  • Trevor - you might be right. Social media isn't fun.
  • Best thing you ever did scaring my wife off like that.
  • I think you're right - government defintely monitor these things.
  • Did you urinate in my moonshine again?
  • Our own airstrip! Trevor Philips Industries! We're going places!
  • Sorry about your statue. You were incredible today Trevor. I wish I was a trained airforce pilot like you!
  • Great to have you back Trevor. The dream team! And I'll get you that gasoline.
  • Do you think your Mexican maid can clean my trailer too?
  • Ain't you gonna introduce me to your mom?


A humorous glitch can occur with Ron. If the player is at Trevor's trailer while Ron is standing outside shooting at bottles, the player can shoot the bottles and Ron will stop and start walking away. If the player can manage to pistol whip Ron before he leaves Trevor's yard, another model of Ron will exit Trevor's trailer, and the process can be repeated, leading to numerous amounts of Ron's body filling up the yard. If the player manages to knock off Ron's hat and glasses, he will exit the trailer without his hat and glasses also.


  • Ron Jakowski's phone number is 325-555-0198.
  • Ron Jakowski can be encountered while at Trevor's trailer either standing outside commenting about various conspiracy theories or in the trailers bathroom doing drugs.
  • The player can kill Ron at any time but will lose $5,000 for his medical expenses.
  • On this radio show he refers to Trevor as Philip Trevors in an attempt to hide his identity but immediately after calls him Trevor.
  • Ron Jakowski dislikes Michael and, if the player as Michael visits Ron, results in a discussion about his conspiracy theories in a hostile manner.
  • Ron brews his own moonshine, which can be seen while not on mission.
  • Ron will sometimes be seen standing on Trevor's porch, scanning the skies with binoculars. He also correctly assumes that the UFOs are using cloaking devices.
  • Ron is one of only six non-playable living characters to be present for the death of a protagonist. The others being Wade Hebert, Ken Rosenberg and Diaz' Hitmen.