Dimentia To Go!

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Dimentia To Go!
Loonies leader Elmo telling "Jumbo" that he wants a new police Dementia limousine and to meet Dodo

Loonies leader Elmo telling "Jumbo" that he wants a new police Dementia limousine and to meet Dodo
Game GTA 2
For Elmo, Loonies
Location Fruitbat, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $40,000

Dimentia To Go!, or Getta Isetta! on the PlayStation version, is the fifth job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Elmo of the Loonies. The mission is available from the yellow Loony phones in Fruitbat of the Downtown District, after the other yellow missions have been completed.


The cops have a new Dementia Limousine, and they're keeping it locked up in the Car Compound. Elmo wants it, so he hires Claude to get it for him. To get past the guard at the front, Claude gets the help of Lance, who distracts the guard while he slips in through the side. Speed then gets rid of the guard guarding the limo, blows the door lock, and escapes back to the Asylum.


Elmo: Hey, Jumbo, it's Elmo here. The Cops have a new Dementia Limousine in their Car Compound and I want it BAD. Meet my friend Dodo at the University - he will help you.

(Claude drives to Dodo's location and speaks with him)

Dodo: Hello, Elmo's special friend. I have arranged for a gun and some bombs to be left behind the Harman Hotel. I'd like to come but it's bath night.

(Claude drives to the Harman Hotel and takes the things left from Dodo's arrangement)

Elmo: The guard outside the Cop Car Compound is too nice to die. Get some wheels and meet Lance - he will distract the guard for $1,000 a pop.

(Claude drives to the docks and picks up Lance)

Lance: A thousand bucks! I'm all yours, big boy.

Elmo: Drop Lance outside the Cop Car Compound and leave the vehicle - Lance will need it.

(Claude drives Lance to the Car Compound)

Elmo: Get out of the vehicle, Jumbo, and wait to see if Lance does his stuff.

(Claude leaves the vehicle and stands aside. Both Lance and the guard get into the vehicle and drive off)

Elmo: Lance's filthy allure is working. Enter the Cop Car Compound and kill the other guard - I don't like him.

(Claude climbs the stairs and into the compound)

Elmo: Ssh! Don't let the guard see you!

Elmo: He's spotted you, Jumbo. This is going to make the job tough.

(Claude kills the guard)

Elmo: Use your Molotov Cocktail to blow up the door locks.

(Claude hurls a cocktail at the door lock and blows it up, effectively opening the door)

Elmo: Take that Dementia Limousine and put your foot to the floor!

Elmo: Okay, Jumbo, get the Limousine back to the Asylum - real cool, yeah!

(Claude escapes with the limo and gets it back to the Asylum garage)

Elmo: Ooh, Jumbo! I just LOVE this new Dementia Limousine! Here's $40,000 for being so thoughtful.


Completing the mission will give you $40,000.


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