Give Me Liberty

Give Me Liberty
8-Ball explaining to Claude the next course of action to be taken after their new found freedom.
8-Ball explaining to Claude the next course of action to be taken after their new found freedom.

8-Ball explaining to Claude the next course of action to be taken after their new found freedom.
For 8-Ball
Target Drive to the marked hideout.
Location Callahan Bridge, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Death of Claude
Arrest of Claude
Death of 8-Ball
Destruction of the Kuruma
Reward None
Unlocks Luigi's Girls
Unlocked by Introductory cutscenes

Give Me Liberty is the first mission of Grand Theft Auto III and is given to protagonist Claude by explosives expert 8-Ball from the Callahan Bridge, Portland, Liberty City. The mission serves as the opening sequence that the player controls.


Following the Colombian Cartel raid of the police convoy with the police van containing Claude and 8-Ball during the latter half of the game's introduction, the two managed to escape and survive the bombing of the Callahan Bridge. Stranded on the Portland side of the now damaged bridge, 8-Ball (unable to drive as his hands are injured) instructs Claude to drive for him to a hideout at the edge of the Red Light District where they can lay low from the police.

The player is first instructed to enter a Kuruma which 8-Ball immediately enters as a passenger during the cutscene, then drive it to a blue halo just outside the hideout, while the game provides basic instructions on the HUD on how to drive. After arriving at the hideout, 8-Ball and the player automatically exit the vehicle and run inside to change to civilian clothing, as the player is treated an tutorial of the hideout's function as a save point and a garage to store vehicles. The player and 8-Ball then return to the Kuruma, before the player is directed to Sex Club Seven, a club owned by Luigi Goterelli (an old associate of 8-Ball), for work. The mission ends after the player reaches the next halo in front the club.


The mission segues into "Luigi's Girls", the first mission from Luigi Goterelli. Although it is now possible to save a vehicle at the Portland hideout, the player will not be able to save at the hideout until "Luigi's Girls" is concluded. No further rewards are available from this mission.


  • In true fashion of much of the game, the player can immediately stray away from the objectives of the mission and simply free-roam around Portland or abandon 8-Ball. The player can also kill 8-Ball, leading to a mission failure and an immediate restart of this mission.
  • The Kuruma given to the player on the bridge is always painted teal, and tuned to Head Radio when first entered. It is seen being driven earlier on the bridge, behind the convoy, and is the only car to survive the explosion.
  • Between the beginning of the mission and "Last Requests", the player can in fact cross the damaged Callahan Bridge to gain access both Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale early.
  • The player can exploit this mission to allow the player character to don the orange Liberty State Penitentiary jumpsuit outside the mission. Requiring a saved game, the player must first load it then then start a new game. Once the cutscenes preceding the mission are over, the player must then load the saved game again, allowing the player character to appear in the jumpsuit in the saved game. By wearing the outfit, the cheat code allowing the player character to assume the appearance of random pedestrian characters is useless as long as the player doesn't save the game. Otherwise, the jumpsuit remains as the player character's default attire permanently.
  • As the player drives down the Callahan Bridge, a pair of LCPD police cars respond to the distress signal and will drive up the bridge, obviously too late to save the convoy. However, upon closer inspection, the police cars will just stop at the damaged part of the bridge, and the officers inside will not do anything.
  • The burning wreckage consists of an LCPD Enforcer turned over on its side, and a wrecked Mafia Sentinel. However, a Mafia Sentinel was not part of the convoy and was not seen when the Colombians attacked. Also, the GTA III physics engine does not permit cars to be turned over on its side, the cars will either be right side up or upside down.


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