Hyman Memorial Stadium

Hyman Memorial Stadium in GTA Vice City.

The Hyman Memorial Stadium is a sports arena featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, located in Downtown Vice City.


Stated to be completed in 1979, the stadium is possibly named as a reference to the hymen (implying a loss of virginity), or to Hyman Roth, a Miami-based character in The Godfather Part II. The name can also be a play on the words "high man", which would be clearly a reference to someone "getting high", a slang term for someone hallucinating after the use of drugs. The stadium is surrounded by a thin stretch of parking spaces and driveway, and also boasts a pair of helipads, one of which spawns a Maverick in GTA Vice City Stories.


The stadium is known to host a variety of events throughout its appearance.

In GTA Vice City, the stadium's interior is depicted with a multipurpose arrangment, featuring a oval track on the outskirts surrounding a central arena. The oval track is used for Hotring, a NASCAR-style racing event, while the arena is adopted for used in Bloodring, a demolition derby event, and Dirtring, a dirt bike stunt show. The events are rotated every day (Hotring → Bloodring → Dirtring), and are only available to the player between 8:00 pm (20:00 hour) and 12:00 midnight (00:00 hour).

The stadium plays the following songs:

In GTA Vice City Stories, the stadium is adopted for use as a concert venue for Phil Collins, as seen in "Kill Phil: Part 2" and "In the Air Tonight". The stadium is also part of the "Hyman Memorial O.D.T." point-to-point side-quest.


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