The Kickstart event in GTA San Andreas.

Kickstart is a checkpoint side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the two events held at Blackfield Stadium in Blackfield, Las Venturas, and available on any day of the week except Monday and Wednesday. The event is similar to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Dirtring event in many respects, with several modifications.


The side-quest tasks the player in score as many points as possible using a Sanchez dirt bike by reaching colored checkpoints (also known as "Coronas" in the game) all over the arena, all within a four-minute time limit.

Like Dirtring, the Coronas tend to be located in hard-to-reach places, primarily elevated locations connected via thin ledges, rocky or bumpy obstacles, ramps, and a loop-the-loop. Unlike Dirtring, however, the Coronas appear in different colors, each with varying numbers of points and degrees of difficulty to reach them. They include:

  • Green Coronas - Easiest Coronas to acquire; each green Corona is worth 1 point.
  • Amber Coronas - Second hardest Corona to acquire; each yellow Corona is worth 2 points.
  • Red Coronas - Hardest Corona to acquire; each red Corona is worth 3 points.

The player must score a minimum of 26 points in order to pass the side-mission for the first time. Once the player successfully completes the side-mission, the player can retry the mission again to beat their previous record. If the player fails to return to their motorbike after dismounting for 30 second, exits via the red halo at the main entrance, or fails to beat the minimum score or their previous record, the player fails the mission. The highest possible score is 61 points, which is achieved by collecting every corona in the mission.

Completion of Kickstart for the first time is required for completion in GTA San Andreas.


The monetary reward depends on the score that the player has received, for example, if you score 32 points will receive $ 3,200 and so on. Also, once the player passes the side-mission the first time, a Dune will spawn in front of the Blackfield Stadium's entrance.

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