Ladies' Night

Ladies' Night
Tony and Luis follow Patrick McReary.

Tony and Luis follow Patrick McReary.
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Anthony Prince
Location Liberty City
Fail Destroying the Helicopter

Ladies' Night is a mission given by Anthony Prince to Luis Fernando Lopez.


You meet Tony who tells you that Gracie has been kidnapped by some Irish goons and some guy who came to look at her Pink Feltzer. Her father believes that Tony is to blame for this so Tony insists that they go look for her. Then, go the Helipad and use the Ancelotti's helicopter to look for her. Tony tells the location of the last known location of the kidnapper and you have to follow him to her location. You find out where she is kept and Tony tells Don Ancelotti her location, who sends out thugs to get her back at the start of She's a Keeper.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:08:55
Helicopter Damage Damage attained by the helicopter. 0%
Close Pursuit Stay close to Patrick's Comet. -
Low Fly Stay low, but at a reasonable altitude above Patrick's Comet. -



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  • There is a typo in the subtitles when you are going back to the helipad. Luis will say "a fucking shame" while the subtitles read "fucking a shame".
  • Before coming straight to Gracie, Packie stops in the parking lot in Westdyke. He probably left the bomb for Niko in there, because it's one of possible locations.
  • If you get too close, Tony will say "Don't spook him, Luis!" to which Luis may reply: "Yeah, because a paranoid man always looks for a helicopter over his shoulder." This may be a reference to Phil Bell from the main story. Phil is very paranoid and whenever he meets Niko, he will make sure he wasn't followed by anyone, and that there were no surveillance helicopters overhead. The reference to spooking may also refer to the various tailing missions in the GTA games where the player is admonished not to get too close and "spook" the target. In the case of this mission, it's harder to spook the target due to the fact getting close enough to the target to alert him likely means crashing the chopper.