Wade Hebert

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Wade Hebert
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Wade Hebert


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Family Floyd Hebert (cousin)
Main Affiliations Daisy Bell (friend)
Kush-Chronic (friend)
Hank Terrel (friend)
Jenny Tillman (friend)
Trevor Philips (friend)
Ron Jakowski (friend)
Voiced by Matthew Maher

Pre-release screenshot of Wade.

Wade Hebert is a character in the HD Universe appear as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Matthew Maher.

Character history

Wade Hebert is dim-witted and very childlike, which may have been brought on by a mental handicap and/or heavy drug use. Wade grew up estranged from his cousin Floyd and, at an unknown time, became friends with Daisy Bell, Kush-Chronic and Hank Terrel. In 2012 Wade, Daisy and Kush-Chronic left their home to attend a gathering in Los Santos, and on the way met Trevor Philips while traveling through Sandy Shores looking to buy drugs. Trevor later killed Daisy and Kush-Chronic without Wade knowing, allowing him to 'save' Wade. He continued living in Sandy Shores, partly out of his fear for Trevor, and became friends with Ron Jakowski, who was in the same situation as him. It is suggested that Trevor sexually abuses Wade, who is forced on numerous times to put his 'johnson between my legs and wear the wig again'.

In 2013, having seen tensions rising between Trevor and the Lost MC, attempted to calm Johnny Klebitz down after Klebitz had found out Trevor was sleeping with Ashley Butler, with whom he had an on-and-off relationship with. Despite his efforts, Klebitz is killed by Trevor who begins a war with the Lost MC and the Aztecas, slowly taking control of both the gangs interests in the area. He tasks Wade with going to Los Santos to locate Michael Townley, who Trevor had worked with in the past and thought was dead until hearing a film by Solomon Richards being paraphrased from an eye witness to a robbery.

Wade, on several occasions, returns unsuccessful from Los Santos before eventually locating a Michael De Santa. The two later travel to Los Santos where Trevor reunites with his friend. Wade and Trevor then move in with Floyd Hebert at his fiancés apartment in La Puerta. He then helps Trevor in scouting the Port of Los Santos but, shortly after arriving, is sent to clean up a sewage leak elsewhere on the port. Wade, covered in faeces, returns to the apartment before Trevor or Floyd, and covers most the apartment in faeces. Wade later leaves the apartment, presumably returning to Sandy Shores, after Trevor and Michael are forced into hiding.

Trevor and Michael later make peace with Martin Madrazo, allowing them to return to Los Santos. Trevor immediately returns to Debra and Floyd's apartment, where he ends up killing them. Not wanting to reveal the truth to Wade, he takes him to his newly acquired Vanilla Unicorn strip club and keeps him distracted with non-stop lap dances.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • I love spraying soda over people while listening to horrorpop whoop whoop!
  • First time in Los Santos!!!
  • I live in a strip club now! Dreams can come true!
Ron Jakowksi's page
  • Trevor made me put my johnson between my legs and wear the wig again.
  • Is Trevor ever going to pay us?


  • He sometimes wears clown makeup with urban street clothes, which bears resemblance to a Juggalo, a person who is a fan of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse.
  • Wade seems to be a fan of the heavy metal band Fatal Incursion, as he sometimes wears a jersey with the band's logo on it.
  • Wade can be killed while inside Vanilla Unicorn, although he will respawn upon the players next visit.
  • Wade is one of only six non-playable living characters to be present for the death of a protagonist. The others being Ron Jakowski, Ken Rosenberg and Diaz' Hitmen.