Tracey De Santa

Tracey De Santa
Tracey De Santa during Daddy's Little Girl.
Tracey De Santa during Daddy's Little Girl.

Tracey De Santa during Daddy's Little Girl.
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Tracey De Santa
Aliases Tracey Townley (former name)
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1991
Age Now 33
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Family Michael De Santa (father)
Amanda De Santa (mother)
Jimmy De Santa (brother)
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips (family friend)
Vehicles Issi
Voiced by Michal Sinnott

Tracey De Santa (born Tracey Townley) is a character in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the daughter of protagonist Michael De Santa.

Character background

Tracey is Michael's and Amanda's twenty-two year old daughter, and Jimmy's sister. She does not have a good relationship with anyone in her family, as she and Jimmy often argue with each other, and she and her mother have an argument over a boyfriend. She claims to hate father for ruining her chances at becoming famous.

Tracey frequently parties and is sexually promiscuous. Tracey is obsessed with becoming famous and will do anything to reach that goal, including having sex with a producer. During an attempt at father/son bonding, Jimmy reveals to Michael that Tracey is on a boat with porn producers. Furious, Michael swims for the boat to retrieve Tracey, which puts her life in danger as Blake and Freddy shoot at Michael's Seashark with her on it. Tracey tries to attack Jimmy for ruining her day; however, Jimmy feigns innocence, claiming that the didn't expect their father to overreact as he did. The two De Santa children leave the beach with Michael left sulking on the pier.

She is a fan of the reality talent show Fame or Shame, and she attempts to audition for the show without her parents' permission. However, her father and Trevor Philips stop her from humiliating herself. After Jimmy tells Amanda that Michael was driving under the influence of drugs, Amanda leaves Michael, which she already threatened to do so after Michael attacked her yoga instructor Fabien LaRouche, taking the children with her. During this time, Tracey e-mails Michael, telling him that she misses him and that she thinks that Fabien is a boring douche.

As Michael reunites with Amanda and they become a family again, he comes around to the idea of Tracey becoming an entertainer and shakes down Lazlow Jones (a second time) to get her back on Fame or Shame. A successful performance on that show turns her into a minor celebrity, so much that Michael has to deal with a middle-aged cyberstalker who met Tracey at an autograph signing. While preparing to go to the premiere of Meltdown, the De Santa House comes under attack from Merryweather mercenaries, sent by billionaire Devin Weston as a vendetta against Michael; however, Michael manages to save his wife and daughter, and hold off the attack. This incident forces Amanda and the children to move out again, this time for their safety.

In The Time's Come, Michael gets a phone call from Amanda telling him Tracey has decided to go to college.

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