Amanda De Santa

Amanda De Santa
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Amanda De Santa
Aliases Amanda Townley (married name until 2004)


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1970
Age Now 54
Nationality American
Home De Santa House on Portola Dr in Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Family Michael De Santa (husband)
Jimmy De Santa (son)Tracey De Santa (daughter)
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips (former associate)
Lester Crest (former associate)
Bradley Snider (former associate)
Kyle Chavis (tennis coach)
Fabien LaRouche (yoga instructor)
Carlos (gardener)
Eva (cleaner)
Fiona Larsson]] (friend)
Sandra Carelli (friend)
Keri Barker (friend)
Lisa Barclay (friend)Dr. Stanovicz (plastic surgeon)
Freddy Slade
Isiah Friedlander (therapist)
Vehicles Red Sentinel
Occupation Stripper (former)
Voiced by Vicki van Tasel

Amanda De Santa is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the wife of Michael and mother of Jimmy & Tracey. She is voiced by Vicki van Tassel.

Character history

Sometime in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Michael and Amanda began a relationship. At the time, she worked as a stripper and later a prostitute, with Michael using the gains from his heists to pay for plastic surgery. Eventually, the two get married and have two children: Tracey and Jimmy. Early on, Michael, Amanda, and their children had a seemingly good relationship; however, their relationship became strained in 2004 when Michael arranged for an "off-the-books plea deal" with FIB Agent Dave Norton after a heist gone wrong without consulting her, although he claims that it was to protect her and the children. The family moves to Rockford Hills under Agent Norton's watch. She openly cheats on Michael; however, Michael doesn't initially confront her about it as he cheats on her as well. She eventually became a financial burden on her husband through her shopping, leading Michael to return to a life of crime.

In Marriage Counseling, Michael finds her wearing a towel in the upstairs hallway and storms into their bedroom where he finds their tennis instructor Kyle Chavis in his underwear. In a rage, he chases Kyle down with his gardener's pickup truck and pulls his house down from the cliff, only to realize that it belonged to the mistress of Mexican gangster Martin Madrazo (this, among other things, lures Michael back into robbery). In The Good Husband, Amanda reluctantly calls on Michael for help when she is arrested for shoplifting (the player can choose whether or not to save her).

In Did Somebody Say Yoga?, he agrees to practice yoga with Amanda and her instructor Fabien LaRouche. Michael becomes irate when one of their yoga poses resembles a dry hump, attempts to push Fabien in the pool, lands in it himself, and Amanda tells Michael that she is leaving. Immediately after, he takes Jimmy to meet his drug dealer at Burger Shot; Jimmy takes the opportunity to trick Michael into drinking purple drank, steal his car and leave him behind. Jimmy distorts the situation to Amanda, causing her to take him and Tracey and leave Michael completely alone in their Rockford Hills home.

Amanda and her children live with Fabien for a short while, but while Fabien is described as an "ideal sexual partner", Amanda quickly bores of his pretentious personality; also, Jimmy and Tracey grow to dislike Fabien. Sometime after The Paleto Score, Amanda calls Franklin Clinton, asking about her husband. Franklin suggests that she should call Michael; however, Amanda is still mad at him. A visit from Jimmy spurs Michael into winning Amanda back. He confronts them at a Bean Machine cafe, where Amanda is so dissatisfied with Fabien that she requests of Michael to "just hit him, please!". Michael knocks Fabien onto the floor with a nearby woman's laptop, and after Michael reclaims Tracey from Lazlow Jones, they reunite and agree to family therapy. After a "cathartic" screaming match in front of Dr. Friedlander, Amanda emerges ready to move back in with Michael. However, this is short-lived as she and Tracey narrowly survive an assassination attempt by Devin Weston and his Merryweather mercenaries, and move out of the house again for their own safety.

Should the player decide to kill Michael, she tells Franklin to stay away from her and her children, knowing that he was involved in her husband's death.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

Her page
  • New Gammi Forapundo handbag. Bester $3000 Michael ever spent.
  • I love the way that maid looks at me like I'm the help. Yeah, well if you want vacation pay, senora, declare some taxes.
  • I think I went a little overboard with the bleaching. Hope I can sit down ok for my hair appointment.
  • Stinks of weed in this house!
  • The doctor says that Jimm's 'rash' is from over friction.
  • Where did I go wrong with my kids? Actually, don't answer that.
  • How many drunk Rockford Hills women does it take to change a lightbulb? Six &3 cute firemen! Lightbulb stil needs changing, btw :)
  • Stripper workout class at the gym - nailed it!
  • Those bastards messed up myprescription again! I will destroy them!
  • My gyno just asked if I sent Tracey in by mistake - love that guy!
  • I seriously think Jimmy might be a bulimic who's forgotten to purge
  • Has anyone done this POW Cleanse?
  • A daughter staring at a phone, a son staring at a game, a husband staring a TV - and they're all stoned. Just another Tuesday morning at the De Santas.
  • This guy Gary that Tracey is seeing is the definition of a loser. He makes Jimmy look like a gigolo.
  • My insecure jealous husband takes his next victim...
  • Just when I think hell can't any worse, in walks the devil.
  • I am done with this excuse for a life. I deserve more.
  • I wasted my best years on that man. Well this is MY time!
  • Fabien appreciates my inner and outer beauty. Michael never noticed either.
  • Fabien talked through the entire couples colonic AGAIN.
  • Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but this tantric sex just feels like sitting for a long time with a tampon in.
  • How can any man be this obsessed with my rectum, and not in a fun way?
  • If he says "Namaste" or "impacted" again, I might scream.
  • Giving it another try. He's a philandering selfish untrustworthy psychopath of a man, but he's my philandering selfish untrustworthy psychopath.
  • Jimmy might actually get a job and Tracey might actually go college. What is going on???
  • I'm a movie producer's wife now :)
  • "Everything's going to be fine, baby." Yes, honey, until an army of psychos invaders your home...
Michael De Santa's page
  • Answer your phone Michael! If you're banging a stripper again!
  • Will you clean the juicer after you use it?
  • Just test drove the new Pegassi. Sooooooo ME! We can't be fully maxed on the 'mortgage', right?
  • Stop flicking cigar butts in the flower beds!
  • How much is that smarmy shrink of yours again? Because you need a refund, Psycho.
  • Call me when you regain consciousness. I love that you get at me about daytime drinking. Major pot kettle.
  • Thanks for forgetting our anniversary again.
  • Don't blame Kyle. I thought we had an understanding??? It can't be one rule for you and another for me. What about those three charges to Honkers last month? You think I don't look at the bank statements? Anyway, let's move on... you know, for the kids and all that.
  • I realize it's been a bad run recently what with the misunderstanding with the tennis coach and now the misunderstanding with the shoplifting but if there was ever a man who didn't have the right to judge? Try to focus more not on what I am doing but WHY I am doing it.
  • I thought you promised me we'd never see that psycho again? This clean slate of yours seems to be getting dirtier by the day.
  • Makes a change to be with a man who can satisfy me phyiscally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • I hope none of this stuff I'm seeing on the news has anything to do with you.
  • Just let me know you're ok?
  • We can do this. I know now that this family is too irreparably damaged to have any hope of a normal relationship with anyone else. We're stuck with each other. And that's as close to a "I love you" as I've been in a very long time.
  • I just got an invitation to a movie premiere! First thing I've opened in years that hasn't been a bill or a court summons. xoxoxo
  • See you in a few days. The house is going to take some cleaning.
Tracey De Santa's page
  • If you refuse speak to me directly, this is the only way. Stop acting like a spoiled brat and be thankful for what you have. I have created a monster.
Jimmy De Santa's page
  • Stop ordering food on my credit card and make do with the 3 delicious meals provided
Kyle Chavis' page
  • How's your schedule tomorrow? I'm really having trouble with my backhand again.



  • She has a profile on, where she lists her age as 43.
  • Amanda was a stripper before she met Michael, according to a story told to Wade by Trevor during their trip to Los Santos.
  • Amanda's habit of cheating on Michael may extend at least as far back as the mid 90s according to dialogue in Reuniting the Family, as Jimmy's third grade teacher is mentioned in a long list of men she is implied to have cheated on Michael with.
  • Reuniting the Family also suggests she slept with the "juice guy", dog walker, garbage collector, Michael's proctologist, Jesse from Vespucci Beach, and at least one other "hippie bum".
  • The license plate of Amanda's Sentinel reads "KRYST4L". Considering she doesn't smoke crystal meth, it can be assumed that this was her stripper name.