Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Madd Dogg's Rhymes
OG Loc telling Carl Johnson about his idea to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book.
OG Loc telling Carl Johnson about his idea to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book.

OG Loc telling Carl Johnson about his idea to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book.
Game GTA San Andreas
For OG Loc
Location Marina, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Management Issues
Burning Desire
Unlocked by Life's a Beach

Madd Dogg's Rhymes is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by part-time Grove Street Families member and aspiring rapper Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, from the employees' door at the back of the Burger Shot he works at in Marina, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl recently stole a load of music equipment for Loc's album release party, but it seems that Loc can't rhyme if he doesn't have rhymes to go off of. Loc asks Carl to help him "borrow" rhymes from famous rapper Madd Dogg.

Carl heads for Madd Dogg's Crib in Mulholland. He then gets inside, finding out that the area is heavily guarded by Madd Dogg's security. Nonetheless, Carl infiltrates the mansion, and uses his stealth skills to go to the studio room and steal the rhyme book. He then exits the mansion in the safest way he could, and makes his way back to Burger Shot. Carl then meets Loc outside the restaurant and gives him the rhyme book.


(Loc is cleaning the washroom when he stops, looking into the mirror, and starts to freestyle.)

OG Loc: Hey hey hey, it's OG Loc, homie, and I'm gonna kick it a little something like this... Hey yo, when I come through up in the place, You don't want me to call with a gun in your face... I feel it harder, Than anybody in the world could do, Just like a...

(A guy comes out of the bathroom stall.)

Bogman: Yo! That shit sucks! Damn! (leaves)

OG Loc: Damn - my shit was whack!

CJ: (enters) Hey, what's happening, Loc?

OG Loc: Hey Carl - what up, man?

CJ: Hey, dude - you even thought about getting a writer to help you out with this shit?

OG Loc: Yeah, I did. But who, homie, who?

CJ: Shit, I ain't in the rap game, you know, that ain't my thing. But we'll have to think about something. Man.

OG Loc: How about if I get somebody to write something for me, only they didn't know about it?

CJ: What?

OG Loc: (laughs) I think I just might have found a ghost writer. I'll become the reciter, all nighter, all righter! (OG Loc laughs again) Madd Dogg's rhyme book! From his home in the hills!

CJ: Madd Dogg's rhyme book?

OG Loc: Man, you said you'd help, Carl. C'mon man. I'm hot, like fire, All nighter, All righter, When I kick it, I feel I hit it...

CJ: Hey hey heyeyeyey. I'll do anything, homie. I swear that. OK?

(Carl arrives at Madd Dogg's mansion and performs a stealth kill on a first few of the guards. Meanwhile one of them is busy playing a video game.)

Security Guard: This sucks, I mean, how could Refractions mess up so bad? Tanner, you suck ass!

(Carl gets the rhyme book and back from Madd Dogg's mansion to the Burger Shot.)

CJ: Hey Loc, I got what you wanted.

OG Loc: Holmes, you ice cold, dude!

CJ: Hey, I'll catch you later.

OG Loc: Peace, homie!


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect. The player is also allowed to keep the knife and remaining ammo for the Silenced 9mm from the mission. Additionally, the mission Burning Desire is unlocked.

Post-mission Phone Call

CJ: What's hanging?

Tenpenny: Don't try and hit me up with that ghetto babble, boy!

CJ: Officer Tenpenny! How'd you get my number?

Tenpenny: Ways and means, you piece of shit! You been trying to avoid me?

CJ: No (sir), I am just busy, that's all

Tenpenny: You're not busy unless you're doing something for us, you understand?

CJ: Yeah. Loud and clear.

Tenpenny: Nice to hear Carl. Call in to the doughnut place in the middle of Market. We need to talk.


  • The amplifiers in the studio have a Rockstar Games logo on them.
  • Madd Dogg's Huntley and Stafford can be seen in this mission, but only before the player enters the mansion. In order to obtain these cars, the player must take one of them (or both) and park them in the garage, then commit suicide, because once you enter the mansion, and leave, the vehicles will disappear completely.
  • The mission is pre-scripted so that the player can only use the knife as their weapon during the mission, until Carl manages to obtain Madd Dogg's rhyme book.
  • If the player bumps into one of Madd Dogg's security guards prior to obtaining his rhyme book, they will attack the player with Uzis.
  • Even though the guards are wielding weapons, killing the guards will not cause them to drop them.
  • One of the security guards is playing a video game (possibly DRIV3R) says "This sucks, I mean, how could Refractions mess up so bad? Tanner, you suck ass!" This is actually an Easter Egg placed by Rockstar in order to mock the competition. These are refrences to DRIV3R, a considered GTA Clone, where the main character's name is Tanner, and is made by "Reflections."


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