Mashin' Up The Mall

The BMX used for this mission.

Mashin' Up The Mall is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories available after completing "From Zero to Hero".


The checkpoint race can be started at the Vice Point Mall by entering a BMX on display as a contest prize on the northwestern wing of the mall. Once the mission begins, the player must collect 50 coronas within 4 minutes and 30 seconds while on the bike, with the coronas located at odd corners as well as the mall's numerous store interiors. There are three types of coronas of different colors that must be collected; green coronas can only be collected when performing a wheelie, blue coronas are collected when performing stoppies, while red coronas can be collected in any way.

The reward for completion is $500, and the mission can be repeated with the player challenged to beat their best time in order to pass the mission again.


As mentioned, the side mission will only be available after gaining full access to Vice City Beach island following "From Zero to Hero". If the player manages to enter Vice City Beach using exploits, entries on the BMX will not activate the side mission.

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