Vice City Beach

Map of Vice City Beach in 1986.
Vice City Beach in GTA VC.
View of the Vice City Beach in GTA Vice City.

Vice City Beach is the more affluent part of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Vice City Beach has three districts; Vice Point, Ocean Beach and Washington Beach. The beach, which takes up almost half of the island's landmass, shares the same name. To the south there is a lighthouse and a breakwater.

As the manual for the game suggests, Vice City Beach is where Vice City's millionaires and models hang out for recreation. In-game, pedestrians in beach attire crowd the streets and roller-skaters ride on the boardwalk. The buildings in the area are of an Art Deco design, much like the real-life Miami Beach.

Tommy Vercetti's first safehouse, the Ocean View Hotel, The Pole Position Club, Lance Vance's apartment and Collar and Cuffs are located in Ocean Beach. The Malibu Club and the North Point Mall (Vice Point Mall in GTA Vice City Stories) are located in Vice Point.