Natalia Zverovna's House

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The stilts supporting Natalia Zverovna's house during Marriage Counseling.

Natalia Zverovna's House is a the house owned by Martin Madrazo and used by his girlfriend Natalia Zverovna located in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. The address is 2884 Hillcrest Ave, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas

Events in GTA V

The house was built either in the late 1950s or 1960s by Tueton for his Finnish mistress but was destroyed by Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton who believed it belonged to tennis coach Kyle Chavis. Madrazo, a Mexican-American drug cartel kingpin, threatens Michael and Franklin into paying the rebuilding costs, which he estimates at $2.5 million. The funds are paid to Madrazo a short time later after Michael, Franklin and two accomplices perform a heist at Vangelico's Fine Jewelry.

Events in GTA Online

Natalia's house serves as the drop-off point for most of Martin's missions in GTA Online.