Kyle Chavis

Kyle Chavis
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Kyle Chavis


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Susan Chavis (mother)
Liz Macallen (ex-girlfriend)
Main Affiliations Billy Pennington
Michael De Santa
Amanda De Santa (former client)
Natalia Zverovna
Kimberly Dubose (client)
Alice Tinsley (former client)
Mrs. Brooke (client)
Dena Spears (client)
Rebecca Powell (client)
Hayden Dubose
Businesses Tennis coach
Voiced by Brad Schmidt
Lifeinvader page Kyle Chavis

Kyle Chavis is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a tennis coach and is voiced by Brad Schmidt.

Character history

Kyle Chavis, born to Susan and an unnamed father, and showed promised at tennis from a young age once being ranked forty-second in the United States in the 14-16 age bracket. By 2013 he is a tennis coach based in Los Santos. His clients included Amanda De Santa, Natalia Zverovna, Kimberly Dubose and Hayden Dubose's two previous wives, Rebecca Powell, Mrs. Brooke and Dena Spears, while Alice Tinsley had been receiving tennis lesson on a Friday afternoon before leaving Los Santos. Chavis, while acting as a tennis coach, used his time with his clients to have sex and charged $150 an hour for women or $250 an hour for a couple.

Chavis, however, had become upset with his life drinking large quantities of whiskey, crying himself to sleep and wanted to spend more time with people his own age, as well as at least one court case involving a female client being passed out after the 'lesson' had finished. He continued with his work, being found cheating with the wife of Alex Deane and presumably Rebecca Powell, before being discovered cheating with Amanda De Santa. Her husband, Michael and Franklin Clinton followed him to a house in Vinewood Hills, which they then destroyed. After the incident Chavis began to think about leaving Los Santos for a fresh start.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • There's some dirt you can't wash off.
  • Any of my old college friends around tonight? I really want to hang out with someone my own age.
  • Mrs. Brooke on Kimble Hill Drive has had so much work done she squeaks when she runs!
  • I can't even imagine what it would be like not to be tanned all year round.
  • Ladies, talk to your husbands. $150 an hour. If you want to double up, I'll do you both in an hour for $250.
  • I was once ranked 42nd in the country age 14-16. What have I become?
  • You'd never know @Amanda De Santa was in her 40s ;)
  • And another possessive midlife crisis psycho tries to kill me! I am so over this!
  • I'm thinking I should maybe get away, make a fresh start.
Michael De Santa's page
  • Just so there's no confusion Mrs De Santa was already passed out when I arrived for the session today. I don't need another one of those court cases!
  • So when am I going to get you out on the court, bud? I hear you were quite the high school athlete.
  • Sorry to trouble you Mr De Santa but I'm still waiting on last week's money. $450 (including overtime)
  • Mrs De Santa is really making great progress with her long strokes
  • Listen bud, sorry again. Not cool. Again, goes without saying that I'll comp the session. No hard feelings I hope.
Amanda De Santa's page
  • That's a killer forehand you're developing, Mrs De Santa! Same time next week?
  • Great session today. Always a pleasure working with you. And I WILL call you Amanda :)
  • My schedule's wide open let me know when he isn't around.
Hayden Dubose's page
  • Does the new Mrs Dubose want tennis lessons like the other two did?


  • Despite his sexual relationship with Amanda De Santa, she shows some skill while playing tennis with her husband Michael while hanging out.