Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
For Michael De Santa
Objective Chase Kyle Chavis to a Vinewood Hills manison, pull it off the hillside and take down Martin Madrazo's hit squad
Location Rockford Hills
Vinewood Hills
Fail The contractor's pickup is destroyed
Kyle Chavis is killed
Unlocks Friend Request
Daddy's Little Girl
Unlocked by Father/Son

Marriage Counseling is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Michael De Santa for himself and Franklin Clinton.


Michael steps inside his house looking for his wife Amanda. As Michael goes outside for a cigarette, he notices the tennis rackets of Amanda and her tennis coach Kyle Chavis, suspecting that she may be having sex with him. Michael goes back inside to find Amanda dressed in a towel, standing outside of their bedroom door. Amanda tells Michael to leave; however, he barges in to find Kyle in his underwear, trying to explain the situation. Kyle jumps out of the bedroom window as Franklin pulls up. Amanda begs Michael and Franklin not to kill her tennis coach as she slams the front doors.

Michael and Franklin take a contractor's pickup truck to chase after Kyle. They lose him; however, Michael says that he lives in one of the houses in Vinewood Hills. Michael and Franklin find Kyle's car abandoned and him up on the balcony of the house above his car.

Micheal tells Franklin to tie the winch cable from the back of the pickup truck to one of the house's deck support beams while Michael goads Kyle about ruining his marriage. Michael and Franklin get back into the truck to pull the deck down. As Michael and Franklin drive away from the wreckage, Kyle calls Michael, telling him that the house didn't belong to him; during the conversation, Natalia Zverovna, the house's true owner, declares Michael a dead man, telling him that she is sending Martin Madrazo's hit squad to kill him.

After dealing with Madrazo's men, Michael and Franklin drive back to Michael's house, and Martin Madrazo shows up, demanding an explanation for Michael and Franklin's actions. Madrazo tells Michael that he owes him two and a half million dollars for rebuilding his mistress' house. The incident forces Michael to come out of retirement and call Lester Crest about pulling a job.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Not a Scratch Complete the mission with minimal damage to the pickup truck.
Time Complete the mission within 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
Drive-by Killer Kill at least 3 enemies while in a vehicle.


  • Michael and Franklin pulling the stilt house down is similar to how Martin Riggs (played by Mel Gibson) pulls down a stilt house in Lethal Weapon 2.
  • Michael and Franklin losing Kyle after a Journey pulls out in front of them is a scripted event.

Video walkthrough

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