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Exterior of the Vice Point Mall Needle Trax in GTA Vice City Stories (Interior).

Needle Trax a small chain of music retailers featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and based in Vice City in 1984. There is a total of two Needle Trax outlets in the city: One in southern Downtown and another at the Vice Point Mall in Vice Point, on the mid-eastern side of the mall.

Given its name, Needle Trax appears to exist in direct competition in the local vinyl record and cassette tape markets with Vinyl Countdown, which happens to be located on the other side of the Vice Point Mall from Needle Trax's mall outlet. Despite focusing on the same market, Needle Trax appears to be trailing behind Vinyl Countdown given its cheaper appearance and a lack of star power (Needle Trax only displays posters for Prix's new album; in comparison, Vinyl Countdown's active promotes Phil Collins among others).

The lack of a presence in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City implies Needle Trax is either no longer in operation, has moved, or has been rebranded by 1986; the Downtown outlet is occupied by Rock City, while the mall outlet lacks any signage.