The Offshore Offload

The Offshore Offload
Rescuing Hsin's men.
Rescuing Hsin's men.

Rescuing Hsin's men.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Hsin Jaoming
Fail Hsin's men dies.
Reward $700
Unlocks One Shot, One Kill
Unlocked by Dragon Haul Z

The Offshore Offload is a mission given to Huang Lee by Hsin Jaoming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


After the cutscene, go to the place on the GPS. Go round the back of the alleyway to avoid the police. In the minigame, apply explosives to the back of the Enforcer to release the prisoners and get a wanted level. Drive them to the next blip on your map to pick up Hsin's accountant. Finally, drive them to the Higgins Helitours landing platform in Castle Gardens so they can escape in a helicopter.


(At Hsin's Penthouse)

Hsin: Oh, it's you. Let's be blunt for a minute, the situation is intolerable! The Feds are clamping down on all my businesses. Land of opportunity my ass! I'd been better off bribing officials in Szechuan than putting up with bullshit. And worse, they are constantly one step ahead of us... We must have a guy with a big mouth in our midst. I have sworn before the heads of all the Tongs: We will find this traitor and he will be shown no mercy!

Huang: I heard Chan was arrested too.

Hsin: Fuck Chan. He could do with a bit of discipline anyway. His mother failed him terribly. I've got a far bigger issue than that some men of mine have been cornered while carrying a large quantity of very dirty money which we were about to export, so it could get laundered. Make sure that money gets out of the country.

Mission Replay description

"Feds are crawling all over Triad operations. We've got a rat!

Chan got arrested, but Hsin was more concerned about his dirty money getting out of the country.

He got me to get it out of the city before the Feds discovered it."