Beverly Felton

Beverly Felton
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Beverly Felton
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Alan Felton (father)
Main Affiliations Ray Gordon (friend)
Franklin Clinton (employee)
Occupation Paparazzo
Voiced by Geoffrey Cantor

Beverly Felton is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Strangers and Freaks character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Geoffrey Cantor.

Character history

Beverly Felton is the son of Alan Felton and his unnamed wife and received a good education, with Alan and his wife having spent a large amount of money. Beverly later decided to become a paparazzo, much to the disappointment of his parents, and began to hide in dumpsters and trees waiting to take photographs of celebrities, including waiting to take a photograph of Bill Anthony undergoing emergency surgery following an apparent botched penis extension surgery.. He had taken photographs of Jill Von Crastenburg taking a dump, a crotch shot of January Natasha Vasquez although this did not turn out well, Lyle Cleethorpes V getting a rim job from a homeless man and Charlotte Crown purging. He has also followed Billy and Bobby Blue, Bruce Spade, Cloe Parker and Martha Term.

Later in 2013 Beverly asks Franklin Clinton, initially mistaking him for Clay Jackson, to help him take a photograph of Miranda Cowan having sex with a film producer in the back of a moving limousine. He is then taken to court by Samantha Muldoon who take out 'another' restraining order against him. He and Franklin later team up to take photographs of Poppy Mitchell and Justin having anal intercourse, Princess Georgina buying drugs and Poppy Mitchell involved in a high speed chase with the police while under the influence. Beverly, having successfully taken a number of photographs before rival Madison Fox, he is given a reality television show. Franklin later interupts the recording of the show and has the choice to kill or spare Beverly.

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • Celebs aren't the victims. They crave the attention! The day I'm not pointing a camera in their face is the day they're FINISHED!
  • I'm still looking for my retirement shot. My Sudan!
  • I can't believe that weasel Madison got the photo of Billy and Bobby Blue penis fencing. That should have been mine!
  • Hiding in a tree outside the Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Got word that Bill Anthony's undergoing emergency surgery after a botched penis extension.
  • I really have to stop assuming every black man is Claqy PG Jackson. It's the curse of my waspy upbringing.
  • A cellphone does not make you a photographer! I am an artist, a historian, a documenter of side boob!
  • My photo of Jill Von Crastenburg taking a dump could go front page! I'll be the defining cultural historian of our generation!
  • I can confirm that Bruce Spade is definitely a grower not a shower.
  • No way! I thought I had a PERFECT crotch shot of January Natasha Vasquez but there's too much glare from her labia piercing! 4 days wasted!
  • Cloe Parker spat in my face today. Stank of vodka and stomach acid. No wonder she can't keep a husband longer than a month!
  • Lyle Cleethorpes V getting a rim job from a homeless man! Booyaa! The people deserve the TRUTH!
  • Shot of Charlotte Crown purging WITH visible vulva! This could make my career!
  • I've been sitting outside Martha Term's house for 4 days now. DO SOMETHING YOU LAZY ADDLED COW!
  • Ok, students of the human condition. I'm off to stake out that old hag Miranda Cowan. Wish me luck!
  • Madison Fox you are a man without honor! A leech! How do you sleep at night?
  • Samantha Muldoon has taken another restraining order out against me. That country accent is fake!!!!!
  • I can't reveal too much but suffice to say I have irrefutable live, close-up, graphic proof that Poppy Mitchell is 100% NOT a virgin. They'll write books about me! My name will echo through the halls of eternity!
  • TheSloppy Poppy meltdown continues! And Team Beverly was there to capture in all in HD!
  • Her royal HIGHNESS Princess Georgina likes to get royally blazed! And guess who got the photo? I am on a roll!
  • The reality show is happening! It's really happening! From celebrity hunter to celebrity!

Mission appearances