Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Objective Agree to take photographs of Miranda Cowan for Beverly Felton.
Location West Vinewood, Los Santos
Fail Abandoning Beverly Felton
Not taking photos of Miranda Cowan
Allowing Madison Fox to escape
Unlocks Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
Unlocked by Complications
Pulling Favors

Paparazzo is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by paparazzo Beverly Felton in West Vinewood, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton arrives at a building in West Vinewood and is ambushed by paparazzo Beverly Felton, who had been hiding behind a tree and some stairs, who begins taking flash photographs of Franklin having mistaken him for rapper Clay "PG" Jackson. The two argue about this with Beverly explaining that he did not have his contacts. Franklin states that as Jackson is not married it should not matter if he is gay with Beverly explaining that he dislikes the hypocrisy with Jackson having been a gangster rapper saying "he's a killer and a murderer" before that he now loves his mother and likes showtunes. Miranda Cowan then exits the building with a man and begins walking to a nearby parked limousine. Beverly then asks Franklin to help him take photos of Miranda and reluctantly agrees when the prospect of earning a lot of money is suggested by Beverly.

Franklin and Beverly then get on to Beverly's motorcycle, with Franklin driving and Beverly as the passenger, and they begin to follow Cowan in the limousine. Franklin then drives the motorcycle close to the limousine allowing Beverly to take photographs of her having sex with the man. Upon arriving at the junction of West Eclipse Blvd and North Rockford Dr, Beverly's rival paparazzo Madison Fox drives up on a motorcycle and begins taking his own photographs. Beverly then admits defeat in following Miranda and tasks Franklin with driving close enough to Madison to stop him selling his photographs first. Madison stops chasing Miranda and is followed by Franklin. When the two get close enough, Beverly knocks Madison off his motorcycle by hitting him with his camera. Franklin then drives Beverly to his next stake out, located in Morningwood, with Beverly asking Franklin to meet him at the Gentry Manor Hotel the following week.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Smack Down Make sure Beverly knocks Madison off his motorcycle on the first attempt.
Picture Perfect Help Beverly take and inspect three pictures of Miranda Cowan.

Video walkthrough

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