Portland LCS

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Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Service Liberty City Subway
Transfer Portland El at Rothwell
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Borough Portland
Next north Rockford
Next south Staunton South

Portland also called Portland Subway, is a subway station on the Liberty City Subway on Portland, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III.


The station is located at the border between Chinatown, the Red Light District, and Saint Mark's. The station is in close proximity to Rothwell station, a stop on the Portland El. Like other stations in the city, the station is originally unnamed in GTA III; the station's name was later retconned as "Portland Station" in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The official website of GTA III, provides a short description of Liberty City Subway:

The Subway is the fastest, most efficient way to travel around town. Unfortunately, the stations have become homes fort the insane and the legions og beggars and pushers who live and die in Liberty City