Portola Dr

Portola Dr is a road running north to southeast in Rockford Hills, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Portola Dr is a primarily shopping area with a residential area to its north, where the De Santa family and presumably the Dubose family (Hayden, Kimberly, Melinda and other children). The road has connections to Boulevard Del Perro, Casers Pl, Carcer Way, Dorset Dr, Eastbourne Way, Edwood Way, Palomino Ave, South Boulevard Del Perro, Spanish Ave and West Eclipse Blvd. An alleyway, where Portola Dr meets Eastbourne Way, has a number of shops also considered to be Portola Dr including Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, which is robbed during the mission The Jewel Store Job in GTA V.



Random Characters

  • Baygor (corner of Eastbourne Way]])