Puncture Wounds

Puncture Wounds
Cesar Vialpando angrily tells Carl Johnson about the Stratum he was trying to steal
Cesar Vialpando angrily tells Carl Johnson about the Stratum he was trying to steal

Cesar Vialpando angrily tells Carl Johnson about the Stratum he was trying to steal
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Target Stratum
Location Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas
Reward $5,000
Unlocks Stratum in Wang Cars
Asset Acquired for Wang Cars
Unlocked by Customs Fast Track

Puncture Wounds is an optional storyline mission and one of the last two in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from Carl's garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Dwayne, Jethro and Carl are all being idle, until Cesar comes in the garage in a Remington. Cesar has found yet another car on the wishlist but the vehicle is too fast and the driver is too quick. Cesar is infuriated since he cannot catch the car. Carl then comes up with an idea to use stinger traps in order to stop the vehicle and have a chance obtain it, as its tires will be punctured.

Carl gets in a Tampa modded with three stinger traps and follows the driver in the desired vehicle, who is working her way towards Whetstone. Carl eventually releases a stinger to pop the tires of the vehicle, which also results in the driver fleeing. Cesar phones him, checking on how it's going. Carl says he already got the vehicle, and says that he'll fix it first. Carl does so, and takes the vehicle back to the garage.


CJ: (as Cesar enters) Hey man, where you been?

Cesar: I tracked one of the cars on our shopping list, but the crazy bitch, she drives like the devil! I've been following her for hours, but she stops for nothing! You'd have to ram her off the road in order to get a chance to get her car and you know a wrecked car is no good to us! I swear she is playing with me! (kicks a drum barrel in anger)

CJ: Dude, calm down! If she's playing with you, (as Dwayne and Jethro walk past by) then she probably won't get one-time involved until it turn ugly. We gotta find a way to stop here, or slow her down.

Cesar: Too bad we can't involve the police, 'cuz then they could pop her crazy bitch tires and bang her crazy bitch ass in jail for being a danger to my sanity!

CJ: You know what, I think I've got an idea...

(Carl pops out the tires of the vehicle, and gets out of the modded car, when his phone rings.)

Cesar: Hey, CJ, how's it going with that crazy bitch?

CH: Popped her! Just about to fix the tires, should be back any minute.

Cesar: OK, careful with that puncture repair shit, CJ, it's nasty stuff!

CJ: Will do. Later, man. (while fixing the vehicle) Man, this stuff is disgusting. Aw shit, all over my clothes! (drives back to the garage)


The rewards for this mission are $5,000 and an increase in respect. The showroom becomes an asset, and would generate a maximum of $8,000.


  • The license plate on the Tampa reads "L3337 OG"; "l337" is a common internet slang term for "leet" or "elite".
  • The license plate on the Stratum reads "Mr B3NN".
  • Playing this mission after Carl's re-entry into Los Santos and just before Cesar's return to Los Santos will provide a reasonable context over Cesar's frustration and intent to stay back for long. In the former case, Carl receives a call from Kendl saying that she will first pass through San Fierro, and in this mission, Cesar possibly conveys that the Stratum was the last car on his wishlist. This is why, it is also possible that Cesar must have decided to return to Mulholland upon Carl's intervention after things had settled down with respect to territory for the Grove Street Families. He might possibly have rung Carl from the airport before leaving, and by the time he left for Los Santos, Carl had brought the Stratum to the garage.
  • This is the last chronological mission in which a song in the Radio Box Set soundtrack of the game can be heard. The song in the opening cutscene is the reggae dub song "King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown" by Augustus Pablo, which can also be heard on K-Jah West.

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