A Home in the Hills

A Home in the Hills
Madd Dogg greets Carl Johnson after getting out of rehabilitation
Madd Dogg greets Carl Johnson after getting out of rehabilitation

Madd Dogg greets Carl Johnson after getting out of rehabilitation
Game GTA San Andreas
For Madd Dogg
Target Big Poppa
Location The Four Dragons Casino, The Strip, Las Venturas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Vertical Bird
Unlocked by Saint Mark's Bistro

A Home in the Hills is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by recently rehabilitated celebrity rapper Madd Dogg from the managerial suite of The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.


Carl, his sister Kendl Johnson and Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu are inside The Four Dragons Casino in Woozie's office and auditioning a midget. After a while, Madd Dogg appears and tells everyone that he wants to returns to his home in Los Santos which is his mansion. However, it turns out that it's seized and the Los Santos Vagos have taken over the place. Carl furiously questions Madd Dogg's decision and after a while, the scene changes to him and a couple of Triad gang members seen in an Andromada, preparing to battle the Vagos as Carl receives a phone call from Kendl.

Kendl says she, Madd Dogg and Cesar Vialpando have gone to San Fierro to see if everything is in place before returning to Los Santos. When the plane reaches its destination, the Triads and Carl all jump out and parachute to the helipad on the roof of Madd Dogg's mansion and finish off everyone of the Vagos on their way before the rest of the team arrive.

Once all the Vagos outside are dead, the team shoot their way inside the mansion and finally find Big Poppa. Carl chases him down through the mansion all the way until they reach the exit where Big Poppa enters his Phoenix and escapes with Carl following him in a pink Windsor. After a chase around the hilly sections of the city, Carl kills Big Poppa and officially takes back the mansion for Madd Dogg.


(Carl, Woozie and Kendl are in the casino giving auditions to people for shows. There is currently a midget auditioning.)

Midget: (singing) Don't hate the little man, because he's packing a 6 shooter!

Kendl: Next.

CJ: Thank you.

Midget: Thank you? Thank you?! Do you know how much balls it takes to stand down here and sing a song like that? It takes guts!

Woozie: I'm sorry. We're just looking for something with a little more mass appeal.

Midget: What could have more mass appeal than a song like "Small But Perfectly Formed"? Women want me. Men want to be like me! Assholes!

(The midget exits and everyone laughs.)

Kendl: You gotta be kidding me, right?

CJ: Damn! This casino game is hard work. I thought it was just a case of opening the doors and letting suckers give you their money.

Woozie: If only.

Kendl: You know what? I'm getting bored here. I'm trying to do business, not audition midgets.

Woozie: People of reduced stature, you mean.

Kendl: Yeah, yeah, I said that. All I know is, when are we gonna get some real talent in here?

CJ: I heard that. (aees Madd Dogg enter) Madd Dogg!

Madd Dogg: CJ! I'm clean, dude!

CJ: That's good news, man. What's cracking? You ready to take it to the stage again?

Madd Dogg: Easy, CJ, c'mon, man. One step at a time, you know? I'm almost ready, but, but...

CJ: But what?

Madd Dogg: I want to go home now, CJ.

CJ: That's cool, man, I'll take you. Where's home?

Madd Dogg: My mansion, baby.

Kendl: Yeah, I heard about that place. Drugs, sex, all that shit.

Madd Dogg: Yeah, you know it - but...

CJ: Yeah, yeah I been there... I mean, I seen it on TV.

Madd Dogg: Yeah.

CJ: Nice crib.

Madd Dogg: Thanks, playa.

CJ: We could do with a place like that to set up in LS again, wait for Sweet. Get things moving. Get out dis midget game.

Madd Dogg: But, CJ... Come on, man...

CJ: What? I saved your life, man!

Madd Dogg: My mansion ain't big enough. Only got 19 bedrooms, you hear? A'ight, man, my mansion's been seized.

Woozie: IRS?

Madd Dogg: Nah, not exactly.

CJ: Who?

Madd Dogg: Nobody.

CJ: Who, Madd Dogg?

Madd Dogg: A'ight, Big Poppa.

CJ: Big Poppa! The drug dealer? Man... you gave your multi million-dollar mansion to a mother-fucking pusher?

Madd Dogg: You know, CJ, these things happen. I was powerless!

CJ: You fucking degenerate! Oh - man! How much blow can one guy snort?

Madd Dogg: It's not my fault, CJ!

CJ: Man, I should have let you jump! Come with me. All of you! We're ALL going home.

(Carl is flying over Los Santos on a plane with four Triads. His phone rings.)

CJ: Hello.

Kendl: Hey, what's up, Carl?

CJ: Hey, Kendl, whassup?

Kendl: Nothing - just thought I'd wish you luck. We're gonna drive back to, uh, San Fierro first. Wanna check things out there before we hook up with you guys in Los Santos.

CJ: Alright cool, you be careful.

Kendl: I'll be fine, I got Cesar and Madd Dogg to keep me safe. You be careful.

CJ: I will. I'll see you in Los Santos.

(Carl finishes the phone call and puts his phone away.)

CJ: (to Triad 1) Me and you gonna go in to clear the place out.

Triad 1: Element of surprise.

CJ: So the rest of the crew can move in in peace.

(Later, two Triads parachute onto the helipad on top of Madd Dogg's Crib and light flares. The scene cuts back to the four Triads and Carl about to jump out of the plane.)

Triad 2: (to Triad 1) You ever jumped before?

Triad 1: Nah. You?

Triad 2: Nah.

Triad 1: When we land, we're going to feel invincible!


(Triad 2 jumps out of the plane.)

Triad 1: Hey, wait up!

(Triad 1 jumps out of the plane.)

Triad 3: WhaaaHOOOOO!

(Triad 3 jumps out of the plane.)

Triad 4: WhaaaHEEEEE!

(Triad 4 jumps out of the plane. Carl jumps out of the plane next.)

(Carl and some arrived Triads, spearheaded by Woozie's lieutenant Guppy, are inside Madd Dogg's Crib after killing the Vagos on the terrace.)

Triad: We're heavily outnumbered, but if we all keep our heads, we should kick ass!

(The Triad's head gets blown off.)

Vago: Die motherfuckers, none of you leaving this house alive!

Guppy: CJ, clear the corridors, we will clear each room. (once done with the rooms) CJ, don't worry, we will guard the balcony.

(Carl sopts Big Poppa and starts chasing him.)

Big Poppa: You chose the wrong house to rob, fool! You know who you are fucking with, do you? You trying to fuck with my house, with my shit?

(Big Poppa gets into a car outside Madd Dogg's Crib. Carl kills him.)


The reward for completing this mission is increased respect and the mission Vertical Bird is unlocked. The player can also use Madd Dogg's Crib as a safehouse, but must beware of the basketball glitch that can occur.

Post-mission Phone Call

CJ: Hey Ken, how you doing?

Rosie: (sniffs) Who's this?

CJ: It's Carl. Carl Johnson!

Rosie: Hey Carl. (sniffs) Guys, it's Carl, got real. Fucking great, fucking amazing!

CJ: Listen, I got a need for an accountant and a sound engineer, and I thought of you and Paul.

Rosie: Fucking amazing! Paul's great with figures and I'll make a (sniffs) fucking amazing photoshoot. It's fucking great, it's amazing!

CJ: Yeah, yeah, cool man, but look, see you soon.

Rosie: Fucking amazing!


  • Inside the mansion a girl can appear, who has the same pedestrian model as Denise Robinson. Killing her doesn't effect any progress with Denise whatsoever.
  • During a short cutscene when the Triads and Carl enter the mansion, a Triad gets beheaded by an SMG gun. During normal gameplay, an SMG can't behead pedestrians.
  • Big Poppa's Phoenix is an extremely rare car and can be obtained by the player, despite the fact that the vehicle is locked in the mission. The player can block the Phoenix and kill Big Poppa to complete the mission. The vehicle can then be obtained by pushing it to a Pay 'n' Spray or to a safe house garage.
  • Guppy joins you in this mission, and he will guard the balcony. He can die, but if you kill a few Vagos in the hallway, they stop coming, so Guppy doesn't die.
  • When inside the mansion, Radio Los Santos is heard. Most of the times, at the moment the player enters the mansion, the song "I Don't Give A F**k" by Tupac will be playing.
  • Bounce FM will automatically pop up when the player enters the Windsor.
  • The voice actor for Big Poppa is apparently also the voice actor for a pedestrian Varrios Los Aztecas gang member, more closely Sunny.
  • Any wanted level attained prior to the mission will still appear but will not affect the player's activity till the time Big Poppa is being chased in his Phoenix. Once Carl lands on the rooftop, the level will automatically clear, and even if he doesn't, the wanted level will not invite any police vehicles till the time Carl is at the roof.


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