Riot (GTA SA)

The Truth, Maccer, Carl, Madd Dogg, Kendl, Cesar and Sweet watching television, awaiting the verdict on the trial of Frank Tenpenny.
The Truth, Maccer, Carl, Madd Dogg, Kendl, Cesar and Sweet watching television, awaiting the verdict on the trial of Frank Tenpenny.

The Truth, Maccer, Carl, Madd Dogg, Kendl, Cesar and Sweet watching television, awaiting the verdict on the trial of Frank Tenpenny.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Carl Johnson
Location Madd Dogg's Mansion, Mulholland, Los Santos
Reward None
Unlocks Los Desperados
Unlocked by Grove 4 Life
Cut Throat Business

Riot is the neo-ultimate central storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, accessed and performed independently by protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson from celebrity rapper Madd Dogg's Crib, located in the Mulholland district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny, along with his partner Edward "Eddie" Pulaski, has finally been charged with racketeering, corruption, narcotics and sexual assault. The whole affiliate gang, minus accountant Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg and music producer Kent Paul, and composed of Carl, Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando, aging hippie The Truth, Carl's sister Kendl Johnson, performing artist Maccer, Grove Street Families leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson and recovering rapper Madd Dogg, is gathered in Madd Dogg's living room, watching the news coverage of the trial. The gang sits around providing a running commentary over the coverage as Carl tries to get all to be quiet so that they can hear what's going on. Sweet thinks that Tenpenny will get 20 years, but Cesar disagrees and bets 5 years, pointing out that cops get off lightly in the justice system.

Later that day a lawyer reads out a statement that due to retracted witness statements, the lack of evidence and the disappearance of both Pulaski and fellow rookie Jimmy Hernandez, with Pulaski believed to be on the run, although Carl knows otherwise, all the charges against Tenpenny have been dropped and he walks out of court a free man.

Tenpenny's acquittal causes public outrage and the city erupts into rioting. Sweet is determined that there will be no rioting in Grove Street and asks Carl to take him back. Once he arrives back he sets off to lock down the hood and Carl leaves to see what's going on in the rest of the city.


CJ: Hey, be quiet, be quiet.

Maccer: C'mon you bunch of wankers, this is unbearable!

CJ & Kendl: Oh, shut up, man!

Reporter: Officers Eddie Pulaski and Frank Tenpenny, both hard working members of a community policing unit, have been charged with racketeering, corruption, narcotics, and sexual assault.

Kendl: They brought it upon themselves.

The Truth: (turns to Maccer) That bastard cost me my farm. And he hogged the bong.

Reporter: ...conspired to kill fellow officer Ralph Pendelbury who had threatened to turn state's evidence and who was then found shot dead in a supposedly unrelated gang incident...

Sweet: I'd say 20 years.

Cesar: Try 5 years. Cops always get off easy.

Kendl: Yeah, I heard that.

Reporter: ...retracted witness statements and now the disappearance of fellow officers Jimmy Hernandez, and Officer Pulaski himself, believed to be on the run.

(Time passes by as the witnesses exit the courtroom.)

Reporter: Oh, wait, they're exiting the courtroom now!

Kendl: That bastard Pulaski will probably turn up dead, just like the rest of them.

CJ: C'mon listen, listen...

Attorney: ...of the lack of evidence against my client, the district attorney's office has seen fit to drop all charges against this innocent man...

Sweet: What?!

Kendl: That's bullshit.

The Truth: You see? You can't trust the system, man!

Reporter: ...surprise decision is wholly unprecedented...

Sweet: Oh man, there just ain't no JUSTICE!

Maccer: I know, I've been arrested numerous times for totally naturally behavior!

Reporter: ...Los Santos will burn tonight!

Sweet: (rises) Ain't nobody gonna be rioting in my hood!

Cesar: (rises) I don't know about that holmes. Look. (goes as everyone follows him to the window) The whole city is going up. People are fucking pissed off about this.

CJ: People don't know what they want. We're all being used.

The Truth: You see, man? It's always the same, friend. Power systems corrupt everyone.

Sweet: Look, I say we go secure the hood, we ain't getting shit together so some idiot can burn it down.

(Outside the mansion, Carl and Sweet are heading towards Sweet's Greenwood.)

CJ: Shit's real fucked up, man.

Sweet: Yeah, but we gonna handle this ourselves.

(Almost on the road between Mulholland and Red County, Carl and Sweet start having a conversation.)

Sweet: There ain't no justice, man. How does scum like Tenpenny stay on the streets?

CJ: Man, I dunno, just the way shit stacked I guess.

Sweet: Man, this is fucked up. We should take that bastard down ourselves.

CJ: We will Sweet.

Sweet: So who's the weird Brit?

CJ: What? Oh, Maccer! He got a little problem he can't control.

Sweet: What kind of problem?

CJ: He can't stop, you know, giving himself a little bit.

Sweet: What, you mean he likes to consult Professor Hans Jerkov?

CJ: Yeah, regularly.

Sweet: Spank the monkey.

CJ: Yeah!

Sweet: Take Palm-ela out?

CJ: Quit it!

Sweet: Burp the worm?

CJ: Enough, man! (on the way as people are rioting) Shit, look at this place, even old ladies robbing shit!

Sweet: I guess it's better than staying home and watching the shopping channel.

CJ: Yeah, go out there and get yourself a bargain! Shit, man, people real mad! Tenpenny responsible for ALL of this! As if the ghetto ain't wrecked enough! Come tomorrow, most of Centrals gonna have new TVs.

Sweet: Look at them, like angry kids or some shit! They just tearing up their own neighborhoods! Nothing good is gonna come of this. (pause) Everything's burning! Put your foot down! Man the ghetto's tearing itself apart.

(Carl and Sweet arrive at Sweet's house.)

Sweet: I'm gonna gather up some homies, and get the hood locked down.

CJ: You need anything, you give me a call. I'm gonna check out the city and see what I can see.

Sweet: You be careful out there, CJ.


There is no reward given for this mission, but the mission Los Desperados is unlocked. In addition, rioting will be widespread in Los Santos until the last mission is completed.


  • Carl can actually steal the Mothership in this mission. When him and Sweet hop into the Greenwood, Carl can then exit and then steal The Truth's Mothership, parked directly by it and save it in his safe house just behind Madd Dogg's mansion.
  • It is important to ensure that all 101 missions, including the playably voluntary but canonically mandatory and optional ones, in the storyline, along with all side-missions, must be completed before this mission, in order to achieve 100% statistical completion. Also, atleast 35% of gang territory must be acquired for the Grove Street Families before starting the mission, since rioting will make most of the side gameplay difficult.

Another reason why this should be done is that side missions will be impossible to pursue during the riot phase, and the player is also essentially limited to eastern Los Santos for the last two missions.

  • If the mission is failed at any point, rioting will still continue, because it is programmed to start at the end of the cutscene.
  • This is the only time that Cesar's Savanna plays K-DST by default, though it isn't known why this was done, since almost all variants and spawns of the Savanna have Playback FM as a default station.

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