RON Alternates Wind Farm

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RON Alternates Wind Farm in the first trailer for GTA V.

The RON Alternates Wind Farm is a wind farm located close to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station located in Blaine County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The wind farm is owned by the RON power company and maintained by the Los Santos Department of Wind Power.

Events of HD Universe

A random encounter occurs at RON Alternates Wind Farm where, as any protagonist, can find an abandoned car before being attacked by two men. The player also meets Omega after collecting all fifty spaceship parts. If the player chooses the Obvious approach on the Union Depository heist, the crew leads Merryweather Buzzards through the wind farm in an attempt to lose them. If the player hires Karim Denz for the first time and uses him as the second helicopter pilot, then he crashes his helicopter into one of the windmills, causing the crew to lose half of the gold; however, if Denz has experience from earlier heists, then he will not crash his helicopter assuming the player does not fly erratically themselves.


  • A stunt jump can be found at RON Alternates Wind Farm.