The Bureau Raid

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The Bureau Raid
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
For Steve Haines
Objective Infiltrate the FIB Building, recover or destroy Haines' data, and escape
Location Darnell Bros., La Mesa
  • Covert Approach
    • Michael's cover is blown
    • Franklin runs out of oxygen
    • The Fire Truck is destroyed before being instructed to do so
  • Roof Approach
    • The helicopter is destroyed before reaching the jump zone
    • Michael fails to land on the FIB Building
Reward None
Unlocks The Wrap Up
Unlocked by Architect's Plans
Fire Truck (Covert Approach)
Getaway Vehicle - The Bureau Raid (Covert Approach)

The Bureau Raid is the fifth heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V. The heist is completed for Steve Haines, overseen by Lester Crest, and executed by Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and a crew of the player's choosing.

Covert Approach


Michael walks into the Darnell Bros. factory as Lester is preparing to burn the factory down. As Michael and Lester pour petrol on the floor, Lester explains to Michael that the explosives in the FIB Building need to placed in strategic locations in order the keep the building's structure intact, particularly the server room on the 53rd floor. After Michael gets out of the building and detonates the bombs, he, Franklin and the crew goes in as firemen to recover the hard drive containing Haines' files. Michael then leaves the factory to go the FIB Building, calling Franklin on the way to tell him and the crew to get ready.

Once Michael arrives, he goes through the turnstile and takes the elevator to the 49th floor. On the 49th floor, Michael goes into the janitor's closet to get the mop and bucket. Michael enters the mail room and mops the floor; after doing so, he plants the first bomb in an open locker. Michael then goes down the hallway. After cleaning the hallway, Michael enters the men's restroom to plant the second bomb behind a toilet. Once both bombs are in place, Michael returns the mop and bucket to the janitor's closet and exits the building.

Franklin and the crew pick up Michael at Legion Square and detonate the charges. After the explosion rocks the FIB Building, the crew races to the building as the only first response as planned. The crew enters the building and takes the elevator to the 47th floor, taking the stairs for the remaining floors to the server room on the 53rd floor. Once the crew reaches the 53rd floor lobby, Franklin plants a sticky bomb to access the server room. Once the door is open, Franklin grabs the hard drive, and the crew makes their way out.

During their escape, the building begins to shake and the skylight shatters. After going down one floor, the stairwell partially collapses, forcing the crew to go through the 52nd floor to find another way to escape. The crew encounters a locked door and whilst trying to open it, a fireball explodes, knocking one of the crew members on their back. If the player chose both Gustavo Mota and Packie McReary as their crew, Packie survives the blast and is helped up by Franklin; otherwise, the second gunman dies, and Michael tells Franklin to leave the body behind. The crew continues their push to escape from the burning high rise. After going down another floor, another explosion knocks Franklin out. Franklin recovers, but he is separated from the rest of the crew. Michael warns him that there are agents still in the building who realize the firemen aren't as such. After Franklin rejoins the crew, they go to the elevator shaft to rappel down it. The crew rappels from the 50th floor to the basement level, taking a stairwell up to the ground floor, and exits the building from the main entrance, getting back in the fire truck.

Franklin takes the fire truck to the getaway car's location; on the way, Michael states that an APB will be out for firemen. Once the crew reaches the getaway car, Franklin destroys the truck and drives the crew to Lester's house. On the way, Michael states that he believed that they weren't going to make it out alive. When Michael and Franklin arrive, Lester states that he would never see the two again, then celebrate the success of the heist. Lester tells Franklin to pour glasses of moonshine to take a celebratory drink. Michael states that he's got to leave to take care of business with Agent Haines and Dave Norton.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete within 18:00.
Out of Breath Escape with 40% oxygen remaining.
You Missed a Spot Complete the mopping section within 3 minutes.
Abseiler Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds

Roof Approach


Michael arrives at the Darnell Bros. factory as Lester is about to burn the factory down. Michael laments about how he can't start over and bury the past, and Lester retorts by saying it's the Internet age and nothing is forgotten. Franklin shows up, and he and Michael leave the factory. Michael and Franklin head for the NOOSE facility off the Palomino Freeway; on the way, Franklin dogs Michael about being miserable. Just as Michael pulls into the NOOSE facility, he radios the crew to see if they are ready. After nightfall, Michael, Franklin, the gunman, and pilot fly to the jump zone. On the way, Michael gives a brief on their mission, and Franklin notices that the factory went up in flames. The crew makes the jump for the FIB Building; after landing on the roof, the gunman cuts a pane out of the skylight, and the crew enters the building.

Michael makes his way to the server room. After blowing the door open, the hacker tells Michael to connect his iFruit phone to the computer terminal. If the player chooses Rickie Lukens for the first time instead of Christian Feltz or Paige Harris, then Rickie will be unsure of what to do, delaying the hacking process; however, if the player used Rickie during the Vangelico heist, then Rickie knows what to do. Once the phone is connected, the hacker tells Michael to use the Hack Connect program to find the terminal's IP address. Next, the hacker tells Michael to use the Brute Force program to find the terminal's password. After the connection is established, the hacker tells Michael to use the Down and Out program to start the disk wiping process.

Once the disk wipe is started, a security team comes in and attacks the crew. During the shootout, Michael tells the pilot to bring the helicopter down to the building. A FIB Buzzard comes to shoot down the crew's helicopter, and the crew's helicopter crashes into the side of the FIB Building, severely damaging several floors. Once the hacker informs Michael that the download is complete, Michael retrieves his phone, and the crew make their escape.

As the crew descends the building, the sprinklers went off due to the helicopter crash. Franklin asks if the hacker can shut the sprinklers off due to the water hindering their visibility. If Rickie is chosen, he will be unable to shut the sprinklers off regardless of his experience; if Christian is chosen, he can shut off the sprinklers only if he was used in the Vangelico heist; Paige will shut off the sprinklers regardless of her prior experience. The crew finds the wreckage of the helicopter, and Michael states that the pilot is dead. Franklin believes that the pilot might still be alive; however, the wreckage falls out of the building down to the plaza below. Michael tells the crew that they have to go down lower in order to rappel down the building, since the wind will tangle up their rigging. Once the crew gets down low enough, they rappel down the building.

The hacker warns that the Buzzard seen the crew rappelling down the building, forcing Michael to destroy the chopper when the crew gets down to the building's lower setback. After the chopper is destroyed, the crew set up a second abseiling rig to get down to street level. If the player chose a high level getaway driver, they show up on time in an Ambulance, allowing the crew to leave the scene discreetly if the gunman holds his fire; however, if Karim Denz is chosen and does not have experience from the jewel store heist, then he shows up late in a Burrito, and Michael or Franklin will have to evade a 4-star wanted level.

After evading the FIB and LSPD, the crew drives towards Franklin's house for a debrief. On the way, Michael states that he believed that the plan wasn't going to work, and accidentally insults the crew in the process, to which the driver does not take lightly. When the crew arrives at Franklin's house, Michael tells the driver to take the gunman where he needs to go and dispose of the vehicle while Franklin and Michael meet with Lester to celebrate the success of the heist. Michael states that he's got to leave to take care of business with Agent Haines and Dave Norton.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete within 19:00.
No Innocents Don't kill any innocent civilians.
Headshots Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
Perfect Drop Land perfectly on the main section of the roof.
Hacker Hack the system within 45 seconds.


  • In the beta version of this mission, Trevor was involved instead of Franklin. This can be seen in the Official trailer during the Roof Entry scene. 
  • If the player obtains the getaway car as Michael, he will still complain about trying to get there quickly or rush Franklin, even though he is the one who placed the getaway car.
  • If Hugh Welsh is picked, after Michael hacks into the system and the FIB agents start coming, he will say, "This escalated quickly", a reference to a popular internet meme.
  • This is the only heist where not all characters get their cut as Michael does not get his cut, for reasons.
  • Many of the files deleted during the Roof Approach reference previous missions. The files are:

Video walkthrough

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