Railroad Crossings

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A Railroad Crossing in Los Santos in the open position.
Same crossing in the closed position.

Railroad crossings are places in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where vehicles and pedestrians may cross the tracks of the Brown Streak Railroad.

All crossings have barriers and flashing red lights, with the exception of some in Los Santos. The barriers go down when a train is near the crossing, but many times, the train will be going too fast for the barriers to be fully down. In the desert, at times, the trains will be going at full speed, and there is only a split-second warning before a train crosses. A train strike at this speed may kill the player instantly. Civilian drivers will also attempt to cross after a few seconds anyway, and at times, they will attempt to cross as soon as the barriers go back up, knocking the barriers down. Pedestrians will not stop crossing the tracks, so some of them may be killed by an oncoming train.

The trains do not stop for anything nor do they blow a horn, so there will be no warning of a crash. The trains are strong enough to push aside a Rhino. The barrier-less crossings in Los Santos may be very dangerous; there are no barriers, no lights, and the traffic lights will not signify a train either. Civilians will not stop for a train here, nor do pedestrians, and at times, when the drivers stop at a red light, they will be right on the tracks, making them very prone to being hit by a train. However, vehicles normally do not explode instantly upon impact, but this has been seen in the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks.