Reuniting the Families

Reuniting the Families
Carl Johnson, Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder talking about the meeting of the families at the Jefferson Motel
Carl Johnson, Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder talking about the meeting of the families at the Jefferson Motel

Carl Johnson, Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder talking about the meeting of the families at the Jefferson Motel
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks The Green Sabre
Unlocked by Gray Imports
High Stakes, Low Rider
House Party
Just Business
Los Sepulcros
Robbing Uncle Sam

Reuniting the Families is the twenty-sixth storyline mission and the twenty-fourth central storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by his brother, deueragonist and Grove Street Families leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson from his house in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.

This is the only mission which is unlocked in spontaneous aggregation by the highest number of missions, precisely six, each of them the final end in the strands of the respective mainstream characters the player encounters. All other major decisive missions are usually only unlocked by not more than two such missions. This is the second and last time the leading four members of the Grove Street Families are seen together throughout, only after Drive-Thru, which is the first such instance.


Carl goes to Sweet's house and finds him along with close friends Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris watching a porn movie. Once he arrives, Sweet has him turn off the television and informs them about reuniting all the Families sets once again because the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive Families have split from the gang and the Ballas have been pushing drugs for too long. All the sets are supposed to meet in the Jefferson Motel.

The four get into Sweet's Greenwood outside, with Carl driving as usual, and make their way to the motel. Upon arriving, Sweet goes inside the motel and after a while a Los Santos Police Department Police Maverick, Buzzard 1 appears. SWAT teams break up the meeting and a shoot-out begins. Smoke and Ryder escape but Carl goes to the motel to try to rescue his brother. He makes his way through the hotel and eventually finds Sweet. When they arrive on the roof, a Buzzard 1 appears again; Carl and Sweet shoot down the helicopter and go down into the street via the stairs going down from the roof.

Just as they reach the street, Smoke and Ryder come to pick them up. Ryder hands Carl an AK-47 and many police cars and bikes start to chase. Smoke drives around to lure them but the AK gets jammed and the car crashes through a billboard advertising Sprunk. The crew bails out of the car and a huge explosion happens when the car dives onto the freeway and into a Xoomer fuel tanker truck. The police calls off the attack thinking the four are dead and the crew disperses.


(Sweet and high-ranking Grove Street Families members Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and Lance "Ryder" Wilson are watching the television just as Carl enters the house.)

Big Smoke: Damn, that bitch is bad! Oh, yeah!

CJ: (enters) Wassup, y'all!

Big Smoke: Wassup, playa!

Sweet: Wassup CJ! Turn that TV off right quick. Listen up, fellas, like we were saying. No more base in the streets.

CJ: Finally.

Sweet: Peep this - we're gonna unite the Families once more. Because the Ballas have been bumping our guys full of base for too long, while we argue amongst ourselves. So all the Families sets are gonna meet down at the Jefferson Motel. I say it's time we went down there and made it official. Keep that shit off our streets! I vote I'm our representative on this one.

CJ: That's right.

Big Smoke: Hey, it's all good! If Sweet think he can handle it, then I'm down with him, man.

Sweet: A'ight - let's roll, homies.

CJ: Let's do this!

Big Smoke: Yeah, let's go, man.

(Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder hop into Sweet's Greenwood and drive to the Jefferson motel.)

Ryder: Say, CJ, you gon crash the car again?

CJ: Fuck you, Ryder!

Sweet: Ryder, give CJ a break. man. He's practically turned the Grove around by himself.

Ryder: I was just telling a joke on the little nigga.

CJ: Everything you do is a joke, Ryder!

Ryder: That ain't true!

Big Smoke: Ryder, just chill the fuck out, man.

Sweet: Remember - we're reuniting the families and no bullshit. Stay cool.

Ryder: You know me, Sweet. Cool as a Shaolin monk.

Sweet: Especially you, Ryder!

Ryder: What you mean?

Big Smoke: Well, Sweet just mean you are a natural killer baby.

Ryder: Man, don;t sweat it homie! I understand his implication and shit. Let me put it this way - I know what you trying to say, but I'm always cool, fool!

Big Smoke: Yeah, we all down with that, baby!

(The crew arrives at the Jefferson Motel.)

Sweet: OK, it's strictly one rep' per set - you guys are gonna have to wait here.

CJ: We'll be there just in case, bro.

Sweet: Thanks, homie, but I'm down with these boys.

(Sweet goes out of the car to the Motel.)

Ryder: I don't like this, man. Look at all them other family 'hoods! They used to be Grove Streets.

CJ: Relax. We straight, they straight. How about you, Smoke?

Big Smoke: Hey, I'm feelin' a little exposed, but I'm good.

(Suddenly, a Los Santos Police Department unit arrives in a helicopter.)

Buzzard 1 Pilot: (on megaphone) This is the Los Santos Police Department, everybody stay where you are. All units rock 'n' roll.

CJ: Oh, shit!

(Carl gets out of the car wielding a shotgun.)

Ryder: Man, what you doing?

Big Smoke: Carl, get back in, man we outta here baby!

CJ: I ain't leavin' my brother, I ain't no busta!

Ryder: Man, it's every motherfucka for himself!

(Smoke drives away from the scene with Ryder. Carl finds Sweet at the Jefferson Motel after finishing off the SWAT officers.)

Sweet: What took you? Where's Smoke and Ryder?

CJ: They shook on us.

Sweet: Fuck it, let's get out of here.

(Carl and Sweet on the roof of the Motel when another chopper appears.)

Buzzard 1 Pilot: This is the Los Santos Police Department; stay where you are!

Sweet: CJ, that chopper's all over us - hit it!

(Carl and Sweet attack the helicopter.)

Sweet: CJ, dump on that helicopter!

Buzzard 1 Pilot: This is Buzzard 1, we are taking ground fire!

(However, pretty soon, the LSPD helicopter goes down and explodes.)

Buzzard 1 Pilot: Mayday, mayday, Buzzard 1 is going down!

(Carl and Sweet are outside the Motel when Smoke and Ryder appear again.)

Sweet: Shit, what now?

CJ: It's Smoke and Ryder.

Big Smoke Get in!

CJ: Hit the gas! Eh man, I'm running low.

(The four start giving the police a wild goose chase.)

Ryder: I got a 'K, here.

CJ: This fucking antique?

Ryder: Yeah, well, Emmet ain't the pentagon.

CJ: You got it off Emmet? Shit!

Big Smoke: CJ, cover the rear!

(An LSPD squad car gets hit by a train.)

Ryder: Man, they got smoked, did you see that?

CJ: Damn! That was close!

Ryder: Man it's getting intense! It's getting worse out here! It's like World War VIII!

Ryder: Hey, CJ, watch to the left!

CJ: Your left, or my left?

Ryder: Hell, I don't know, just shoot everybody motherfucker!

LSPD Helicopter Pilot: All suspects escaping in a blue four door back through South Center.

Big Smoke: Trouble's up ahead! Carl, they all over our ass baby!

Sweet: CJ, watch our right!

(Two officers riding an HPV-1000 each are waiting for the foursome on a turn over an incline up Los Flores.)

LSPD Biker: Waste of good donuts... Let's roll.

Big Smoke: Eyes front, CJ!

(The LSPD biker jumps onto the car and attacks Carl.)

LSPD Biker: Surprise, homeboy!

CJ: Holy shit, look at that!

Big Smoke: I should have stayed home and watched the fucking game! Carl, behind us! Behind us! Put up your window!

Sweet: Smoke, what the fuck you doing?

(Smoke drives though a car wash.)

CJ: Damn it, Smoke, I got soap in my eyes! Smoke, you're insane!

Big Smoke: I like things clean!

Ryder: Hey, CJ, watch to the left!

CJ: Eh, ain't we been here before?

Big Smoke: Hey, I'm taking what options I have, alright? Maybe if you have a nice word with these officers they'll let us on our way!

(Another LSPD biker jumps on the car and attacks Carl.)

LSPD Biker: Heads up, brother!

Ryder: Hey, some idiot's hanging off the back of the car! Somebody shoot him!

Big Smoke: Oh shit, all I got in my rear view is bad guys! CJ, cover the rear!

Big Smoke: Oh shit, roadblock up ahead!

Carl: The K's jammed!

Big Smoke: Fuck it, I'm going through!

(The car hits two officers, with one landing on the hood of the car. Smoke drives through a narrow alleyway.)

Sweet: CJ, we got the ghetto bird up ahead!

LSPD Chopper Pilot: This is LSPD, do not..Hey what the fuck!? Too low, you'll kill us all!

Sweet: Back up Smoke, back up!

Big Smoke: Hell no, I'm going through!

Ryder: Oh man, we gon' dieeee!

CJ: Oh shit!

(The cop on the car gets killed by the chopper blades.)

Sweet: Slow down Smoke, slow down!

Big Smoke: Oh shit, the brakes is out!

(Carl, Sweet, Ryder and Smoke bail out and the car goes through a billboard and hits a truck hauling flammable liquids, which explodes.)

Big Smoke: Shit! That's gonna be a hell of a story to tell when we passin' the blunt!

Sweet: Man, that was some serious shit! Woo!

Ryder: Fuck this! We gotta get out of here.

Sweet: Ryder's right! Everybody split up and we'll meet up later.


The reward upon completing this mission is a gain in respect. The mission The Green Sabre is unlocked.


  • Before Carl and the gang crash into the sign it says "A Taste Of Things To Come", referencing that the next mission will be the last one in the Los Santos storyline, and that the next one involves another ambush. Afterward, it says "A Taste of Come", a crude reference to oral sex.
  • Smoke says 'I'm a little exposed'; this maybe a hint to the next mission, The Green Sabre, where he betrayed Grove Street Families. This is unlikely as he could have said "exposed" as in the sense of being more likely to get shot.
  • In this mission the SWAT officers use SMGs instead of Micro Uzis.
  • In this mission, the Police Maverick uses a scripted spotlight instead of the usual one. It is located in the middle instead of the front and narrower.
  • If you nail down the helicopter while the SWAT are coming down, you will see them being swung and then disappear as the helicopter crashes.
  • When you get into the motel, you will see a scripted head shot to a GSF member.
  • During the mission, while inside the motel, if Carl walks near one of two prostitutes in a bedroom, she will give Carl a kiss and will say either: "Oh baby, you're hurt" or "You saved me", and will give Carl a boost in health.
  • If you destroy Buzzard 1 before entering the motel, once you exit to the roof with Sweet it will appear again.
  • If you look closely when the LSPD Chopper chops up the police biker you can see the beta version of the uniform.
  • While being chased by police in the car, a cutscene will show two police officers on motorbikes, one of which drops their doughnut with one bite taken out of it and then the pair begin pursuit of the gang. This is a reference to the 1997 film Con Air where the exact same sequence happens during the final chase in the film.
  • The Grand Theft Auto V mission title Reuniting the Family is a nod to this mission.


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