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Rockstar San Diego (formerly Angel Studios) is one of the development studios under the Rockstar Games umbrella. In the beginning, they first made some games for the Nintendo Entertainment System using the Super Sentai licence, it was unusual that Angel, an American game developer, would be developing games for Japan. They also ported the incredibly popular PlayStation game Resident Evil 2 to the Nintendo 64 in 1999. They are also the developers behind the games Red Dead Revolver and it's hugely successful 'spiritual sequel' Red Dead Redemption as well as the racing series' Midnight Club and Midtown Madness and the adventure series Smuggler's Run.

Angel Studios was founded in 1984, making mostly Japanese games. Rockstar Games acquired the company in 2002 and the first game the newly-named Rockstar San Diego made was Midnight Club II in 2003.


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