Something Sensible

Something Sensible
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Steve Haines
Objective Assassinate Trevor Philips
Location 3671 Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Fail Trevor escapes
Reward End credits
Unlocked by The Big Score
Achievements To Live and Die in Los Santos
Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Something Sensible is a mission for Franklin Clinton started by Franklin Clinton from the living room in his house in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. It is one of three choices for the final mission alongside The Time's Come and The Third Way.


Franklin, at his house in Vinewood Hills, is visited by Devin Weston reminding him of his request to kill Michael De Santa. Once Weston leaves the player is given the choice to kill Trevor, to kill Michael or to save both. The first choice triggers Something Sensible.

Franklin phones Trevor and asks to meet him somewhere quiet to talk with Trevor suggesting the empty lots in El Burro Heights. While making his way to El Burro Heights, Franklin phones Michael De Santa and informs him of his plans to kill Trevor. He tells Michael of Devin Weston's request to kill him and asks for help in killing Trevor. Michael, however, promises nothing, only saying that he'll see what he can do. Franklin arrives at the meeting point, and shortly afterwards, so does Trevor.

Trevor informs Franklin he knows why he asked to meet and explains his belief that Franklin, having acted as a peacemaker between him and Michael in the past, wanted to end their feud following the heist at the Union Depository. Franklin then pulls a gun on Trevor, with Franklin stating that Michael isn't the problem and that Trevor's insanity would likely get them all killed. Trevor protests, stating that he has been only truthful with Franklin while they've worked together. Franklin agrees with Trevor's statement, but he tells Trevor that the truth isn't what he's interested in, at which point Trevor speeds off in his pickup. While leaving the scene, he calls Franklin a Judas and states that Franklin is 'just like him' (Michael).

Franklin gives chase and the two speed through the freeways of Los Santos and into Blaine County, at one point heading to the oil fields. Franklin then receives a phone call from Michael and explains the situation to him. Michael, who is not far away, tells Franklin to stop Trevor in the oil fields. The two continue to speed through the oil fields until Michael uses his car to ram Trevor's truck into an gasoline tanker, and the ruptured tanker begins spilling gasoline all over Trevor's truck. After Michael and Trevor get out of their respective vehicles, a mortally injured and enraged Trevor realises that Michael has teamed with Franklin and demands them to take their shot while struggling to crawl away from the wreckage. Franklin shoots the gasoline on the ground, causing a fire to start; however, if Franklin hesitates, Michael shoots the gasoline instead. Franklin and Michael watch as Trevor burns to death until the tanker explodes along with Trevor's truck and Michael's car.

Franklin and an emotional Michael begin to walk away with Michael angrily telling Franklin to grow up. Obviously regretting his actions, Michael then begins to list Trevor's various character flaws, telling Franklin that there has to be a limit to where even people like them say 'enough is enough'. The two begin to head their separate ways, on good terms, with Franklin telling Michael 'It's certainly been an education!' Michael responds telling him that whatever it takes, survive. The camera then focuses on Franklin walking toward Los Santos as the end credits begin to roll.


The reward for completing the mission is the beginning of the end credits and the To Live and Die in Los Santos achievement/trophy is unlocked.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Judas! Kill Trevor Philips



Michael and Franklin

  • Lester Crest: Trevor's fallen off the map. I don't know what's going on, and I don't want to. I split his take from that last job between you two. hold on to it for him.

Phone calls

To Michael

Michael De Santa: Hello?

Jimmy De Santa: Uncle T, Dad - I just heard... he's... he's...

Michael De Santa: He's not going to bother us anymore... we're safe.

Jimmy De Santa: Uncle T - he was a good guy!

Michael De Santa: No he wasn't. He was dangerous.

Jimmy De Santa: Uncle T - did you do it? Did you, Dad?

Michael De Santa: Uncle T wanted to kill all of us, Jim... he wasn't well...

Jimmy De Santa: Uncle T - man... fuck.

To Franklin from Jimmy De Santa

Franklin Clinton: Hey.

Jimmy De Santa: Trevor- apparently he's... he's dead.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah... I err. I heard.

Jimmy De Santa: Fuck... he was like my uncle.

Franklin Clinton: Shit, man, he was kind of crazy, dog. I mean, we all a little crazy but he was a lotta crazy, homie.

Jimmy De Santa: Uncle T, man. I can't believe it.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah... bad business, but this life is bad business sometimes, homie. Shit, I'll see you, dog.

To Franklin from Steve Haines

Franklin Clinton: Okay, I did it, alright?

Steve Haines: I know. Good dog.

Franklin Clinton: Look, man, Devin Weston came to talk to me. He wanted me to clap Michael and let Trevor go.

Steve Haines: Then you should've clapped both of them.

Franklin Clinton: Man, isn't there something you and Dave can do? Cause he might be pissed, man.

Steve Haines: Dave can't do anything. Dave's lucky I let him do my paperwork, he's this close to discharge with no pension.

Franklin Clinton: Well shit, is there something you can do?

Steve Haines: Sure, I can talk to Devin. He's licking his wounds after Merryweather lost their licence to operate in the state. He might need a friend.

Franklin Clinton: Oh yeah, okay, shit. I hear it could be real useful having an FIB agent looking out for you.

Steve Haines: Hey, your chips are cashed, pal. Don't contact me again.

To Franklin from Lamar Davis

Franklin Clinton: Eh, what's happening, homie?

Lamar Davis: You were right about Stretch, dog. Dude janky as fuck!

Franklin Clinton: After all the scams and attempted homicides, huh, now you say his janky?

Lamar Davis: Well, excuse me if I wanna see the best in people, nigga? But this serious, homie. I gotta stay low key.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, you do that. And keep breathing, dog.

To Franklin from Tanisha Jackson

Franklin Clinton: Eh, boo. Was'appening?

Tanisha Jackson: Hi, Franklin. I'm calling to tell you, I'm getting married.

Franklin Clinton: Shit, I knew that.

Tanisha Jackson: I mean like tomorrow.

Franklin Clinton: Oh, shit, okay.

Tanisha Jackson: You know, you will find someone, Franklin. But before that... You gotta grow up... I mean... seriously. You didn't want to hang out with Lamar because he was too crazy. But... well, do you really think you moved on from craziness?

Franklin Clinton: Look, thanks for the lecture, alright. But listen, I'm happy for you. Honestly, I am, man. Man, I'll see you around, alright.

Tanisha Jackson: Take care of yourself.


To Michael fron Ron

What the fuck Did you Do?

I can't believe you killed him. I can't believe it. I'm... fuck you. Loafer wearing prick. Fuck you. I hate you, now I've lost everything. My best friend and the business we had developed. Fuck you.

- Ron

To Franklin from Michael

move on

We did it kid. We made the right choice. The only choice, from the moment he turned up. There weren't no choice. Sorry things were a bit funny the other day, but you know how it is - that stuff is heavy. Shit has been truly heavy. But you're still my friend, if you want to hang out some time, give me a shout.

- Michael

To Franklin from Lamar Davis

For real?

Hey nigga - did you smoke Trevor? I heard he turned up dead. Maniac was real, so I hope not.

- Lamar

Franklin's response

No - I heard it was the government or some shit. He was my friend. That ain't how I act.

- F


  • Regardless of how the player dressed Michael and Trevor prior to the mission, Trevor will wear his dirty white t-shirt, blue jeans and work boots, while Michael will be dressed in his gray suit.
  • As part of his dialogue with pedestrians, Trevor will sometimes say "Why hasn't someone sensible shot you yet?" whilst insulting them, foreshadowing the mission.
  • Completing this mission ends Trevor's involvement in the game, and any missions and most properties specific to Trevor will be inaccessible. The Vanilla Unicorn remains accessible to Michael and Franklin as a strip club, but not as a safehouse.
  • Franklin and Michael's share from the Union Depository heist is increased after the death of Trevor.
  • After the mission in the De Santa House Michael can see Jimmy De Santa looking at Niko Bellic's Lifeinvader page.

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