The Time's Come

The Time's Come
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Devin Weston
Objective Assassinate Michael De Santa
Location 3671 Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Fail Michael escapes
Reward End credits
Unlocked by The Big Score
Achievements To Live and Die in Los Santos
Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

The Time's Come is a mission for Franklin Clinton started by Franklin Clinton from the living room in his house in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. It is one of three choices for the final mission alongside Something Sensible and The Third Way.


Franklin, at his house in Vinewood Hills, is visited by Devin Weston reminding him of his request to kill Michael De Santa. Once Weston leaves the player is given the choice to kill Trevor, to kill Michael or to save both. The second choice triggers The Time's Come.

Franklin phones Michael and asks to meet in a quiet location to discuss something with Michael agreeing to meet him by the satellite dishes off Route 68. While Franklin is on his way to the meeting point, he contacts Trevor Philips about his decision to take out Michael on orders from Devin Weston and explains how corrupt FIB agent Steve Haines had asked him to kill Trevor. Trevor, however, responds angrily at Franklin becoming a traitor and tells him he's had enough traitors (referring to Michael) in his life already.

The two meet up at night but before they can begin talking Michael receives a phone call from Amanda telling him that Tracey has decided to go to college. After the phone call Michael explains how he has 'made it' alongside Franklin having got his children back, begun repairing his relationship with his wife Amanda and has a job he loves. A nervous and agitated Franklin tells Michael that despite their history, there is unfinished business. Michael is initially confused by Franklin's statement; however, he soon realises that Franklin intends to kill him.

Michael gets back into his car and drives off with Franklin following Michael along the train tracks before arriving at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. Michael escapes up some scaffolding with Franklin following. Michael explains that Franklin was like a son to him, and he was looking out for Franklin; however, Franklin responds that they were both just using each other. Michael fires two shots at Franklin before attempting to flee again with Franklin following him further up the scaffolding. Michael then climbs to the top of one of the chimneys as Franklin follows shortly behind. While climbing the chimney, Michael demands to know who put Franklin up to killing him, with Michael suggesting that he and Franklin should team up against Trevor, since he wanted Michael dead. When Franklin finishes climbing the ladder he sees Michael holding a pistol aimed at him.

Michael attempts to shoot Franklin, who runs around the chimney to evade the bullets. Michael holds his position and waits for Franklin to move but is attacked from behind and taken to the ground, losing his gun in the process. A brief struggle ensues before Michael again breaks free. Franklin claims that he was Michael's bitch, saying that he could have been staring down the barrel of Michael's gun any day. Michael, however, argues that people can change as Franklin had gone from a two-bit gangster to three-bit. Michael again reminds Franklin that he trusted him and treated him like family.

Franklin clotheslines Michael over the railing half way up the chimney; however, Franklin then grabs Michael's hand, as if to pull him to safety. Michael argues that Franklin made the wrong call, claiming that he should've clipped Franklin when he broke into his house. The player can either allow Michael to fall to his death or attempt to rescue him, resulting in Michael headbutting Franklin and falling to his death. Franklin, appearing on the ground and walking away from the factory, phones Lamar Davis asking him to hang out and to ensure they are homies.


The reward for completing the mission is the beginning of the end credits and the To Live and Die in Los Santos achievement/trophy is unlocked.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Surpassed the Mentor Kill Michael De Santa


  • Completing this mission ends Michael's involvement in the game, and any properties and missions specific to Michael will become unavailable.
  • Trevor severs his ties with Franklin as does Jimmy De Santa for killing Michael. Franklin can continue to hang out with Lamar, but only after dusk.
  • Franklin and Trevor do not receive Michael's share of the Union Depository gold as Lester Crest gives it to Michael's wife and children.

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